Lovingly spoil my daughters

I read an article about the “9 things we should get rid of to help our kids” and thought about them carefully. I have “done” a lot for my daughters. I spoil them; I adore them; I teach them; I let them learn but I tend to “catch” them before they fail hard. That is my regret: They haven’t made too many mistakes, failures or hard lessons. Well, I’m sure they will as they grow up.

Here’s my thoughts: if it wasn’t for my teaching, preaching and guiding, then my daughters would be lazy, rude and unkempt. They are not! In my (humble) opinion, my daughters are talented, driven, lovely, thoughtful young women. One is on the other side of the world from us in her second year of university, and the other lives with us and gifts me with joyful surprises daily.

We all want the world for our kids. They don’t come with a manual or directions; advice is worth what we pay for it. We do the best we can at every moment.

I say spoil your children! Love them foolishly and share all the joyous moments you can!



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