Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center

This place is off the island, off the map and off the beaten path. It is a sanctuary for big cats, old tortoises, ostriches and other exotics.

Our friend Michelle told us about this center; and we made a new friend when we entered. It turns out this place is very far away from where we live, work and play so we took a taxi. The driver followed our directions and arrived at the place, only recognized by the small bouquet of balloons strung on a construction fence. As we entered it became increasingly obvious that we’d never get another taxi, so we invited our taxi driver to be our guest and stay with us for our tour. He agreed and we set out to see the animals. Another family NDB (never done before).

This place is not a zoo: there are no activities, no food sales, no signs, nothing except the rescued and loved animals under the care of the Brazilian couple who own the property.

We loved and learned from our adventure.  The plea is to take care of the lions, cheetahs and tigers for now and future generations.



photo credit: Tara Schnitzer

Lion at the AD Wildlife Center
Lion at the AD Wildlife Center

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