Language lesson

If you were born in the good ‘ole US of A, you may say, “tomatoes,” “ladies’ room,” “chips,” “bulletin board” or “French fries.” If you have UK or AUS on your passport, you may favor “tomatoes,” “loo,” “crisps,” “notice board,” or “chips.”

I love that three people in a conversation, one from the USA, one Aussie and one British speak words that are so dissimilar. How did history even happen? What if our forefathers wanted chips and salsa? Did they say crisps and sauce? What about putting a sign on the bulletin board? It went on the “notice board,” of course.

One of my favorite things about living overseas is the wonderful, inspiring, enlightening people I meet daily. I am reminded, yet again, why I studied languages in college: to speak more languages and make more friends.

Remember: learn something new everyday! Hug someone new too!



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