Road trip!

Heading north this weekend, we entered Dubai, the EXPO 2020 city, the city of lights, tallest building, aerodynamic metro stations and entertainment.

We saw the Cirque Du Soleil show: “Michael Jackson Immortal” at the World Trade Center. It was off the charts wonderful. A fitting and respectful tribute to MJ, his music, career and legacy. Of course, CDS added the element of lights, flying people, gymnastics wonderments and dance. It was awesome. I highly recommend it if it’s in your neighborhood.

Then to finish our world wind trip, we visited the new Dubai Miracle Garden. OMG ~ it’s a true miracle that so many colorful flowers are growing in the desert, but it’s magnified by the talent, creativity and technical genius to do so. It’s a must see!

Remember, check out your home town and surrounding towns. There is a lot to discover when you explore!

Happy adventures!




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