Fantastic, Amazing and Wonderful SMALL WORLD

The world gets smaller and smaller the more I travel and explore. This week, I reconnected with a high school friend from Dallas, TX, USA. We hugged, talked, laughed, I got lots of goose bumps, and I’m certain we’ll stay in touch this time.

Enjoying my social media hobby, I have re-connected and newly connected with friends in such a way I never thought possible. I am amazed and delighted how I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE and see someone who comes from my home city, lived in five other countries and is now living in a hotel one kilometer from our home.

I met a man who went to university with a friend of mine (who I met at our kids’ school in Southern California.) He’s been to our home and networked with my husband regarding their similar industries.  I met them all on the fantastic, magical, amazing social media.

Stay connected. Learn. Explore. Say “hello!” Have FUN.




Language lesson

If you were born in the good ‘ole US of A, you may say, “tomatoes,” “ladies’ room,” “chips,” “bulletin board” or “French fries.” If you have UK or AUS on your passport, you may favor “tomatoes,” “loo,” “crisps,” “notice board,” or “chips.”

I love that three people in a conversation, one from the USA, one Aussie and one British speak words that are so dissimilar. How did history even happen? What if our forefathers wanted chips and salsa? Did they say crisps and sauce? What about putting a sign on the bulletin board? It went on the “notice board,” of course.

One of my favorite things about living overseas is the wonderful, inspiring, enlightening people I meet daily. I am reminded, yet again, why I studied languages in college: to speak more languages and make more friends.

Remember: learn something new everyday! Hug someone new too!



Beach day!

A great way to relax, unwind and show gratitude is to stroll down to the Corniche and unfurl your towel on the warm sand and plop down alongside the water of the Arabian Gulf Breakwater.

I recommend sun screen, even in January, a towel, water, a snack and some friends. Pure bliss.

If you’re not in Abu Dhabi, well….. then plan a visit!



I was an Aussie yesterday!

The Great Aussie Day Gathering took place yesterday in Abu Dhabi: A fabulous band from South Africa sang songs from the Eagles, Michael Jackson, Men at Work, CCR, AC/DC and more while 500+ revelers danced, ate and celebrated the day away under the sun. They also played “Waltzing Matilda” really loud and proud!

There are no shortages of parties here…we love to join in and make new friends from all over the world.

Cheers to Australia! (Big THANK YOU to my friend Susie for coordinating it all.) I encourage everyone to go out, make new friends and enjoy life all over the world!






The Yellow Bag

In Hawaii, I learned where the grocery store was by asking someone on the bus, who was holding a yellow grocery bag with visible food, “where’d you get the scallions?” They replied, “Don Quixote” and told be to get out of the bus and go left. Voila, I found the grocery store. After you choose and pay, your food is placed neatly in yellow grocery bags.

Here in Abu Dhabi, the yellow bag leads to Spinneys Superstore. Equally delicious and exotic foods come from here, along with local fish, prawns, gluten-free and vegetarian delights.

I must admit, I laughed when I saw the yellow bags. Since I carry my own eco-friendly, re-useable bags, the yellow bags don’t come home with me very often.

What makes you laugh?




Think it, then say it.

If you have a thought about someone or something, I’m here to tell you to say it, tell them, share it! Everyone wants to be validated and acknowledged…so do it! Tell those people you like, love, admire that you do. Don’t wait! If you think it, say it.

Remember, this is a great life and you are surrounded by empowering people. How are you doing with that?




Social media and friends

Here’s something I learned: some people love the phone, some don’t. Some people love social media, Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.,  some don’t. Some people still have face to face conversations, some don’t. What ever way you connect with people, just connect!

I have wonderful conversations via Facebook, Skype and email as well as face-to-face. Whatever works, just connect.

Living 24 hours away from loved ones means I must get pretty creative with communication in order to stay connected. Lesson: connect with your loved ones, however you choose. There are wonderful people all over the world: meet them and stay in touch with them!

I love the personal world clock ( customizable to anywhere in the world.

Friends are friends no matter how they connect. Just connect.