Fantastic, Amazing and Wonderful SMALL WORLD

The world gets smaller and smaller the more I travel and explore. This week, I reconnected with a high school friend from Dallas, TX, USA. We hugged, talked, laughed, I got lots of goose bumps, and I’m certain we’ll stay in touch this time. Enjoying my social media hobby, I have re-connected and newly connected with […]

Language lesson

If you were born in the good ‘ole US of A, you may say, “tomatoes,” “ladies’ room,” “chips,” “bulletin board” or “French fries.” If you have UK or AUS on your passport, you may favor “tomatoes,” “loo,” “crisps,” “notice board,” or “chips.” I love that three people in a conversation, one from the USA, one Aussie […]

I was an Aussie yesterday!

The Great Aussie Day Gathering took place yesterday in Abu Dhabi: A fabulous band from South Africa sang songs from the Eagles, Michael Jackson, Men at Work, CCR, AC/DC and more while 500+ revelers danced, ate and celebrated the day away under the sun. They also played “Waltzing Matilda” really loud and proud! There are […]

Social media and friends

Here’s something I learned: some people love the phone, some don’t. Some people love social media, Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.,  some don’t. Some people still have face to face conversations, some don’t. What ever way you connect with people, just connect! I have wonderful conversations via Facebook, Skype and email as well as face-to-face. Whatever […]