Reflections on this year~

Dec 25, 2012 ~ We moved from the US to the UAE!  Emily came w/us, as she was on Winter Break & Tara was studying in France. Adventure 2013 begins.

Jan. ~ We went to the camel races, Ferrari World w/Emily, Dubai, dune bashing, toured Emirates Palace, our Tara joined us here.

Feb. ~ Tara started at the American Community School, I volunteered for every event at the school, we went to Qsar al Sarab.

Mar.~ signed papers for our apt., went on Dhow cruise w/moms from school, enjoyed fun times w/new friends, moved in and decorated in a week.

Apr. ~Ferrari World w/Tara; house guests Annette & Paul; couple of trips to Dubai; lots of fun at Tara’s school.

May ~ lots of beach days, lunches and dinners w/new friends; exploring and learning.

June ~ end of school year! Emily joins us in Abu Dhabi, all three of us girls to Honolulu, HI for summer.

July ~ Honolulu ~~ great times w/friends, surf, beach, clean out storage units, sold my surf board 🙁 .

Aug. ~ Return from Honolulu to Abu Dhabi on Aug 7, WADI adventures w/my girlfriends, Emily back to US, prepare for Tara’s new school year.

Sept. ~ Horse & Falcon show; spa day at Burj al Arab in Dubai; played tennis (for the first time in 20 yrs); hosted lunches for girlfriends at my place, accepted new AWN position: Coffee Chair

Oct. ~ had clothes made for me by a dressmaker; celebrated my birthday w/massages at Emirates Palace w/ Mark; we (Tara, Mark & me) went to Jordan for a week; toured the award winning Falcon Hospital

Nov. ~ Mark & I went to Israel; celebrated Thanksgiving three times: here w/ Aussie & British friends; w/ our school friends; w/ our next-door neighbors

December 2013 ~ we celebrated National Day at our home with our friends; we welcomed my mom for a week-long visit; we are enjoying our eldest daughter, Emily, here for her winter break; and we are planning our Adventure 2014.

I am SO grateful, blessed and inspired! This adventure has taught me so much about life, love, friendships, connections, culture and myself.

How was your year? Did you accomplish your goals? Are you setting new plans for next year?

From my heart to yours, Happy, Healthy and FUN New Year!




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