Family, Friends and Fun

Those are my favorite things ~ Family, Friends and FUN…. ~ as you know. So here’s my challenge for December:

How many times can we (you and me) get together with family this month? Well, my mom has just arrived here and is visiting us for a week. Then, later in the month our eldest daughter will arrive to spend three weeks with us. That’s two for me…

We had friends over for National Day; we’re going to a holiday party on Friday night; I’m going to a cookie swap party next week…hmmmm..I’m on a roll.

And FUN, well, I do that every day as much as possible. I find FUN in everything! I invite you to do the same. Even if you’re in line at the post office, elevator or grocery store, strike up a convo with the person nearest to you, I have a 3 foot rule. It really works! As me about the dad in the elevator on the way to pick up his daughter from ballet….

Enjoy your day and remember, say “hi” and smile!



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