The journey to Jordan

Last week my family and I went to Jordan for the Eid holiday. We saw ruins, ancient carvings, art, mosaics; ate great food; met generous and wonderful people and came away wiser and in awe.

First of all, Jordan is a lovely, historic place filled with friendly and welcoming people. The people we met were gracious and eager to show us their city. As a hub for major religions, I felt warmth, love and generosity everywhere we went. It’s amazing that 2000+ years ago, carvings, streets, buildings and mosaics were built and stood the test of time ~ I saw them!

The Eid holiday brought many people from all over the world to celebrate together, us included! There were feasts, music and dancing and families enjoying quality time.

As I stood in the cool water of the Jordan River, on the Jordan side, I stood fifteen feet from Israel, I was overcome with thoughts and visions of peace and love for our whole world.

The journey from the US to Abu Dhabi has been miraculous and magical. I’ve met wonderful people and began my explorations around this part of the world.

Have fun everyday! Kiss your loved ones! Enjoy your journey!



Photos below: me covered in mud from the Dead Sea.

Tara, Mark and me in Petra, Jordan



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