Let go of what doesn’t serve you

I took a yoga class with 25 people. The candles smelled like grapefruit. The music was soothing and soft. The teacher repeated the mantra about being kind to yourself and your world. Be a contribution to all beings. My personal mantra as well. When she said, “…let go of grudges, fears, angers and all that […]

Learn from what you don’t already know

I have learned so much since December 25, 2012 upon moving to Abu Dhabi. I learn everyday how to live as an expat. I invite you to learn something new everyday too. What I’ve learned include: Be open minded: to people, customs, routines and traditions. No one is all-knowing when they move to a new […]

Buffets are brilliant here!

If you’re hungry…enjoy one of the many splendid buffets Abu Dhabi has to offer. There is lamb, beef, chicken and fish. There are veggies, curries, salads and fruits. There are creme brûlée cups, ice cream treats, baked goods and puddings. If you can think it, someone will cook it for you. In 5-7 minutes you […]