Let go of what doesn’t serve you

I took a yoga class with 25 people. The candles smelled like grapefruit. The music was soothing and soft.

The teacher repeated the mantra about being kind to yourself and your world. Be a contribution to all beings. My personal mantra as well.

When she said, “…let go of grudges, fears, angers and all that doesn’t serve you..” I took it so  seriously and literally, tears fell down my cheeks. As we sat in the light of the candles, on our mats, I let go.

After she turned on the lights, did I feel lighter, more free. I let go of what didn’t serve me.

I invite you to do that too. It’s quite liberating and cathartic.

Aloha and Namaste…


yoga cake

Technology: old and new

Technology is part of our everyday life. The smile? The cell phone?

I received an email from a dear friend whom I met in California when our kids were in elementary school. Years ago, we spent many hours together shopping, going to spas and movies, laughing and being genuine friends. Our kids grew up; I moved away and we relied on technology: email and then social media. I heard from her recently and we picked up where we left off those many years ago. We reconnected and caught up with our lives. The new technology is our computers.

Last night I saw a man who I had met two days prior at a restaurant with my husband. I greeted him by name and he sat down and talked with me for an hour. The old technology is a smile.

Smiles are still the best way to say “hello” and our keyboards are a great way to keep in touch.

If you can, pick up the phone and reach out to your friends. Otherwise, use the 21st Century technology. Make someone’s day. Make your day. Say “hello!” Reconnect. You will be so happy you did.



cans to talk

Learn from what you don’t already know

I have learned so much since December 25, 2012 upon moving to Abu Dhabi. I learn everyday how to live as an expat. I invite you to learn something new everyday too.

What I’ve learned include:

Be open minded: to people, customs, routines and traditions. No one is all-knowing when they move to a new place. So explore your surroundings; jump on a bus and take a tour; talk to people in lines; take a walk; ASK questions. Learn to love the unknown.

Say “hello”. The men sweeping the leaves in the street are nice, happy people and probably don’t hear greetings from passersby very often. I’ve said hello to a man everyday since school started and now he makes eye contact with me and smiles. (I don’t think he speaks English.) The barista, the grocery store checkout people, the mall information man are all nice people. Share your wonderful self and smiles with them too!

Embrace change: From where I sit, there are numerous differences between living in the USA to the UAE. I’m embracing them! Look around and you’ll see changes in your life/world that will make every day better for you. Get out and do something different, even if it’s going a different way to school or work; brush your teeth with your other hand or move from the 12th floor to the 8th floor. Shake up your brain, muscles and thoughts.

There’s a lot to learn from exploring. What you don’t know could change everything. Believe me: there are miracles in the unknown! I’m living them!



It’s in the malls!

Are you looking for an outing? Look no further than a mall! There are malls built along the breakwater (Marina Mall), on an island (The Galleria and Yas), within and alongside apartment buildings (Al Mariah, Al Muhairy, Mushrif, Abu Dhabi Mall) just to name a few…because I discover a new mall every month!

There are restaurants, shops, florists, roller coasters, movie theaters, aquariums, ice skating rinks, furniture & computer stores and enormous grocery (food) stores inside. It’s not just the go-to place for jeans or a prom dress.

Every taxi driver knows the names and locations of the malls. Need something? It’s most likely in a mall. Oh, it’s a very well air-conditioned place too. Remember: take a jacket or wrap everywhere!



I have faith in the Universe

Today I did the unthinkable: I left my cell phone in the taxi. It slipped off my lap as I got out and I didn’t realize it…until it was too late.

Now, I’m putting it out in the Universe that some sweet, honest person finds it and turns it in. Please join me in sending good vibes toward this outcome.

I have faith that it will be returned. When it is, I’ll call you and we can all celebrate together!



iphone 4S

Buffets are brilliant here!

If you’re hungry…enjoy one of the many splendid buffets Abu Dhabi has to offer.

There is lamb, beef, chicken and fish.

There are veggies, curries, salads and fruits.

There are creme brûlée cups, ice cream treats, baked goods and puddings.

If you can think it, someone will cook it for you. In 5-7 minutes you will have your custom-made order.

Hearty eating!