Rescue Diver, Denise!

We (Tara, Emily & me) successfully completed the PADI Rescue Diver course. Rumored to be one of the most challenging, exhausting, intense courses along the path of courses. Emily, Tara and I saved three “overboard” divers, found and rescued our “lost” diver, saved an unconscious diver and an out-of-air diver. After all that, we took a 50-question written test and aced it.

Whatever you do and feel good about is success. Way to go! Strong work! You rock!

To my girls, I want to acknowledge you for taking this course, completing the reading, practicing the skills necessary, and smiling the whole way ~ even when you were so tired and hungry! I am oh-so proud of you!

Happy Bubbles and Aloha,

Rescue Diver Denise

pictured below: our instructor Drew, Tara, Denise & Emily


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