How many new things have you seen today?

Walk around your city, you see things you’ve seen forever. But what if you look differently at the trees, flowers, garage doors, neighbors etc. What will you see? I invite you to look at your surroundings, family, friends anew. You may see something different. Let me know what you see….. I’ll let you know what […]

Insights of expats, part 1

This is a borrowed essay~ I’m living it, but someone else wrote it. Enjoy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Want to make friends? Move to another country. There you might meet a few of the locals who will eventually enter your social circle, but the most likely event is that you will end up with a large group of […]

Honolulu Night + Market

Imagine four square blocks of a business neighborhood. One street of food trucks, one of artisans selling hand made jewelry, clothes, hats, hair accessories and headbands, one of popular restaurants serving amazing foods cooked outdoors on grills, fryers or crepe circle-stoves, one of street dancers, musicians, and models showing the upcoming school trends and another […]

NDB (never done before): Hand-board surfing

On the East-most side of Oahu, is a beach called Sandy Beach. It is known for danger: waves, fast breaks, hidden rocks and powerful surge. There is also a competition there: The National Hand-Board Surfing competition. Emily, Tara and I went, with our friends Kathy and John. There were brave men and women using a […]