Friends via Facebook

It just takes one Facebook connection to build friendships. I have a friend in CA* who connected me with her friend in Abu Dhabi. We met today at the amazing Monte Carlo Beach Club. Then we met his friends from the USA and Lebanon and her friends from Palestine; and another friend joined in who is from Brazil. Love from all corners of the globe.

Mission: spread love, share love and promote friendship!

Cheers to a fantabulous day on the beach with amazing new friends!

* Mad love and hugs to Erin!!



Pictured: Marc (USA), Maria (Lebanon) , Haya (Palestine), Denise (USA), James (Mexico City/USA), Armelle (France), Mark (USA), Adriana (Brazil)











Broken record

1. “get your homework finished.”

2. “take out the trash.”

Those are sayings you may hear in a household: over and over, like a broken record.

Well, here’s another one: I set a goal to have 82 views in one day on my blog and on May 27  I had 298 views on my blog! A broken record! THANK YOU!

Now back to your regularly scheduled goals. Keep ’em up!




What do YOU love about your life?

What do YOU love about your life?

I had a few friends over for an evening of food, fun and friendship. My heart was full to see new friends in our new home! My wonderful husband and daughters stayed to help out: cooking, serving, photographing and chatting with everyone. I loved that night!

I love the freedom and safety we have to walk around in our neighborhood day and night.

I love the beauty, grace, generosity and diversity of my life.

I love my family: those in my immediate home and those who live in the States. I get to connect with them via cyberspace. I am most grateful for this technology.

I want YOU to think about it in your own life. What do you love about your life?