Photos tell a great story, right?

I’m here in Honolulu to clear out our storage units and ship home (to Abu Dhabi) all of our photos, framed art, Mark’s Johns Hopkins chair (for successful completion of his neurosurgery residency), and misc. household items I can’t part with. I am happy to say, I “found” some things I thought I had lost forever: my jewelry, formal gowns,  scuba diving log books and my Lucchese boots.

The other side of this is that there are thousands of photos: childhood Denise; courtship of Mark and Denise; wedding of Mark and Denise; children of Mark and Denise; and travels of Mark and Denise. I think there are hundreds of pounds of photos!

Going through each photo album, envelope and stack of pictures I relive the parties, events and special moments of life. It’s reliving those moments that I’m enjoying… especially when the people are not on this Earth any longer.

I invite you to tell your story. Go through your photos and relive those fun moments. Remembering to have fun everyday….




Hello from Honolulu!

Aloha from Honolulu!!!

Arriving after a 19-hour, two-plane journey across the globe, I’m a very happy girl!

Emily, Tara and I flew from Dubai to Osaka, Japan, then from Osaka to Honolulu in one day! Emily’s boyfriend, Ranson, met us at the airport with leis and hugs. We loaded our rental Explorer and headed into town. Before seeing our pad, we stopped at Wal-Mart for toiletries and bottled water, then to the bank to close our account, then to the storage unit to alert the owner we’re moving out. I was greeted at all three places with smiles and even some hugs! The “aloha spirit” is alive.

Our first dinner was with friends Scotty, Cindy and Sam. Good times!

Work on cleaning out the storage unit begins bright and early…. Life is oh-so-good!




Summer vacation starts today!

As the temperatures climb, most ex-pats leave the emirate. It’s very hot, humid and quite unbearable, I hear. Close to 50 degrees C; 120+ F.

So, in keeping with tradition, Emily, Tara and I are heading out tonight, to a cooler climate: we’re going to Honolulu, Hawaii (on Oahu) !

I’m going to enjoy every day, night and in-between! Plans include surfing, scuba diving, hiking, swimming, BBQs, long walks with friends and cleaning out our storage unit.  I will miss Mark like crazy! He will enjoy his work, quiet apartment and perhaps some weekend outings to surrounding areas.

Talk to you from the other side of the world!



surf hi plane waikiki & diamond head hawaii


The BEST family

Of all the things I see in the city,

There’s nothing more fun or more pretty;

Than seeing a family out in the street,

Holding hands, singing songs and eating a treat.

Oh, that’s MY family! I’ve so enjoyed having Emily here with us for this month. We’ve shown her around Abu Dhabi and experienced so many fun things.  Tara completed her school year yesterday and is ready for summer! What a delight to have all of us together.

I have the BEST family! HAPPY SUMMER!



family summer 2013