Recognizing hospitality

I have met so many wonderful, warm people here…. locals and other ex-pats. I want to acknowledge them for their hospitality and charm.

The woman I met in the furniture store: she is lovely, gorgeous and generous. She is from Morocco and shared with me places to shop for Moroccan furniture and pearls of wisdom she has learned while living here.

The Emerati man I met while waiting for a luncheon to begin: he and his friend were taking a break from a conference and allowed me to sit with them whilst I waited. He shared with me some local customs and his experiences living in the USA for college.

The amazing women I’ve met from Australia, England, Texas, Minnesota and Florida: welcoming, entertaining, open-minded and so fun to be with! We’re all in this adventure together and it’s so much better to share it with friends.

I acknowledge them for their charm, graciousness, hospitality and  joie de vivre!



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