The bright domed light

There is a theatre at the end of the breakwater. It’s a lovely building with a dome. It stands at the end of the pier, as if to guard all of us on this island. Every night at dusk the dome lights up ~ a gleaming golden color ~ and the rest of the circular building is lit up white. The theatre is a lovely sight for boats, jet skiers and me to see, both night-time and morning.

Exactly at 5:30am, the light goes out; and the dome is lit by the gentle kiss of the sun rise. Good morning, Abu Dhabi National Theatre.

Day time!



29023984 abu-dhabi-theatre The-Abu-Dhabi-Theatre

Amazing Airplane

Our daughter arrived from the USA!!! She made it from Santa Barbara, California to Dubai in 17 hours! It was an empowering, amazing situation: second time she traveled across the globe alone and the huge airplane carried loved ones half way around the world.

Our summer vacation starts now: beach days, lazy days, girlie days and culture days. I am excited, grateful to have my family all together under one roof again. Thank you, pilots, for traveling safely. Thank you, airplane, for carrying people across oceans, deserts and mountains.





Blessings ~

More blessings to share and reflect upon:

Great friends ~ new accents, new foods, new customs, new goods.

Airline travels ~ getting my eldest daughter to me safely, over oceans and deserts.

Warm sunshine ~ kissing my skin with just enough to make me glow and smile.

For these and other blessing, I am grateful and my heart is full.

How are you today?



What’s Forever?


  1. True love: I’ve loved Mark Schnitzer for almost 35 years now….we still laugh, travel, think, plan, visualize and enjoy life together.
  2. True friends: I heard from a friend (via Facebook) today who I worked with in 1988 in Baltimore, MD.  Our doorbell rang and a new friend popped in to say “hello” before going out for the evening. I spent the past two days with three new expat friends laughing, shopping, beaching and sharing. Our next door neighbor shared a cooking class with me.
  3. GREAT family: our daughters are delightful; our parents are nurturing and fun; our siblings are wonderful and our extended families are always doing fun things and sharing with us via Facebook.
  4. The Universe conspiring to our happiness.

Those are the top 4 things I believe are forever. What do you think?



How hot is hot?

As the temperature climbs from comfortable to wow to OMG, I have noticed some things:

The workers cover themselves from head to toe and the water trucks stick around the work-sites longer.

People are using umbrellas to shield their heads from the sun.

The malls are much more crowded with families….at all times of the days.

I turn our A/C down and Mark and Tara sneak it back up.

So, how hot is hot? It was 43oC yesterday…at 1pm and today will be similar. Summer is coming… I’ll finally experience what everyone talks about: the Hot is really Hot!





Current Time Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at 5:38:36 AM GST
Current conditions
Clear. Mild. 23 °C
Clear. Mild.

Clear. Mild.

Location: Abu Dhabi International Airport
Distance: 26 km from Abu Dhabi
Temperature: 23 °C
Comfort Level: 22 °C
Dew point: 21 °C
Pressure: 1005 millibars
Humidity: 89%
Visibility: 8 km
Wind: 9 km/h from 120° East-southeastDirection West-northwest
Last update: Tue 5:00 AM GST

What are your favorite moments?

~ walking hand in hand with your sweetie

~ walking alongside your child

~ enjoying the beach

~ laughing

~ being

~ having my kids around me

~ talking with friends

~ exploring

~ relaxing

~ watching the sun rise

~ watching the sun set

~ learning, teaching

~ spreading love

~ loving



Recognizing hospitality

I have met so many wonderful, warm people here…. locals and other ex-pats. I want to acknowledge them for their hospitality and charm.

The woman I met in the furniture store: she is lovely, gorgeous and generous. She is from Morocco and shared with me places to shop for Moroccan furniture and pearls of wisdom she has learned while living here.

The Emerati man I met while waiting for a luncheon to begin: he and his friend were taking a break from a conference and allowed me to sit with them whilst I waited. He shared with me some local customs and his experiences living in the USA for college.

The amazing women I’ve met from Australia, England, Texas, Minnesota and Florida: welcoming, entertaining, open-minded and so fun to be with! We’re all in this adventure together and it’s so much better to share it with friends.

I acknowledge them for their charm, graciousness, hospitality and  joie de vivre!