Singing in the rain

For a place in the desert, that doesn’t see a lot of rain, we have seen a lot of rain lately! Rain poured down yesterday again, on and off all day. Tara and I even walked home in the shower from above….no taxis stopping for us!

It’s a clean, fresh rain that the palm trees, grass and colorful flowers love.

I welcome and enjoy it…but for a limited time only.



A proper party!

We were invited to a party last night that was hosted by an English couple; celebrating an Australian couple and the guests were from the UK and Scotland…Mark, our friend Rick and I were the only Americans! The evening was lively, delicious, refreshing, spirited and cheery!

In a place of such diversity, it is wonderful to meet and be welcomed by so many. The miracle of friendship lies in the greeting, the invitation, the acceptance and the enjoyment. The secret is there is no secret: just be open to the possibilities of new friends and let the fun begin!



We have art!

We’ve been in our new apartment for a month. We’re thoroughly enjoying the big rooms, huge windows, great views and our new furniture. Well, now we have art!

I bought a carved wooden frame and had a mirror put into it for our entry hall. A must have to make a house cozy. It’s lovely, heavy and very Arabic! It has carved camels on the top. I also bought a hand-made tapestry in warm colors with beads and sequins and hung it on a rod with carved wood knobs on the ends. That is hung in the living room.

Now the place looks mature and cozy. It’s a process to decorate a new place: so I’m enjoying the art of decor, shopping and decorating.



photo 1-1


photo 2-1

Earth Day

Yesterday, April 22 was Earth Day.

To celebrate, I thanked Mother Earth for her goodness and generosity. I thanked Father Time for 24 wonderful hours each day. I gave thanks to the stars, planets, sun and moon.

We should all appreciate and love our Earth. After all, it’s all we have!



more information: see Earth Day on Google

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New is new

Four new friends this weekend.

Two new restaurants.

One new choice at a familiar restaurant.

New is the new new.

Do something new today, tomorrow and the next day.

What have you never done before?



Haiku and more

Today was awesome!

I met new friends, and old ones.

Reconnected too.

I’m so happy that we shared the evening with our dear friend Dr. Professor Ambassador Staring, from the Netherlands. He included us in his business trip! What a gift! We’ve been friends for about seven years and kept up via Facebook….true friends are a real gift. We even got to see fireworks from our dinner table! Say hello to friends all over the world. Stay in touch!





I made lemonade again!

The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is one of my mantras. Well, I’ve made lemonade again!

I went to the bank to retrieve and cash a USD check and found out it would cost $200. So, after I got the check, I ended up chatting over coffee with the two fabulous ladies who helped me.

What would have been tedious chores, I turned into fun. I had to go to the phone company to rearrange our mobile phone bills and in the two hours I was there I encountered two (of the 5) extremely wonderful, friendly and interesting people! We ended up chatting after the transaction was completed.

After exploring yet another grocery store, I found caffeine-free, diet Dr. Pepper, among the other international groceries. As it was cooling in the fridge for Mark and Tara, I smiled inside because I knew they would share my excitement. When Tara set up for homework, I offered her a CFDDP. As I reached for it, the can split open and shot out soda with such force that the ceiling, cabinets, interior of fridge, floor and me were soaked in 12 oz of soda! Tara busted out laughing!

Life lesson: have fun everyday…no matter what!



F * R * I * E * N * D * S

Friends are gifts we give to ourselves.

Real friends last a lifetime.

I have amazing friends.

Every person I consider my friend has my back and my heart…AND vice versa!

Never in a lifetime, would I purposefully hurt a friend.

Distance only deepens my friendships.

Sharing, caring, communicating and loving…




Sharing Fujairah

From where I sit, I can see the glistening Indian Ocean / Gulf of Oman,  SCUBA diving  and speed boats ( pulling para sailers, tubes, banana boats), safety flags dancing in the cool breeze and thatched umbrellas lined up to provide shade.

The languages are as extensive and different as the swim wear! I see kids and adults, with and without bathing suits, smiling and crying and all enjoying the sun and sand.

I hear Russian, French, British English, Italian and many other languages unfamiliar to me. This is a popular destination spot indeed.

As we enjoy the duration of Spring Break 2013, we are taking advantage of this resort: we had massages as well as relaxing time in the saunas, steam rooms,  pool and ocean. Tara and I went snorkeling on the “Snoopy Island,” a 10 minute boat ride from our hotel.

We are still in the UAE even if it looks like a Caribbean resort or Monte Carlo. ” I’m sexy and I know it…” and ” Gangham style…” play in the background; the rinse off shower falls in the foreground. This is the fourth Emirate I’ve visited.  Just for the record, we are east of Abu Dhabi. Families enjoy time together and I’m no different. Have FUN everyday!



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Tiny notes

I’m in Fujairah with my husband and daughter to finish our spring break fun. It’s lovely here and very different from Abu Dhabi. I will share more when I return….I’m typing on my mobile and the keys are tiny.

stay tuned…. We get home on Saturday. Have you explored your neighboring cities?

aloha, Denise