FUN grocery shopping

One of the many things I appreciate more now is grocery shopping. That’s mostly because we’ve been “on the road” for over seven months and I haven’t had a kitchen! So when I go food shopping now, I find the most interesting and fascinating things!

We have “Hypermarkets” here. There is an enormous array of foods, spices, produce and fish at the markets. Prawns as big as Mark’s foot! Steak that looks happy & well-lived. Barrels of spices, olives and dates and much more. This is very inspiring! My friend KP would really be in Heaven!

After shopping is the fun finale: pushing the “trolley” (basket, cart) out to the curb to catch a taxi. None of the trolleys’ wheels roll in a straight line; they all roll at a diagonal. So there’s also a workout involved. I must take the trolley out of the store, usually up from the basement level of the store or down from the top-level of the store/mall. This is the coolest part: the trolley has magnets on those wheels; and the ramps we travel up or down on are flat, like an escalator without stairs. So the trolley stays put! What will these smart people think of next!?

I never thought I’d enjoy food shopping, but I do!

Have fun today!




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