Oasis in the desert

Tara and I arrived at a the Qasr Al Sarab Resort in the desert after school on Thursday evening. It is the most amazing place you can imagine. We are in a building that looks like a sand castle; it’s completely surrounded by sand dunes. There are palm tree, plumeria trees,  flowers and plants everywhere. Beyond that green, there is only sand. Tara and I joined Mark,who is attending a hospital conference. He and the higher-ups were generous enough to invite us to join them. It is so beautiful and relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered.

Friday morning, The Sunshine Butler brought my lunch and a drink and several bottles of cold water to my orange- covered Chaise lounge chair, where I’ve declared “my spot,”  three steps from the pool.

Among the other guests are young families, young lovers and loving Grandparents playing with the babies in the pool. I hear French, Italian, Arabic and Urdu spoken around the pool as well.

A 6:30am camel ride was on the agenda for Mark and Tara on Saturday. They rode 20 minutes to the lovely sunrise breakfast and 20 minutes back to the resort. They loved it!

Our drive back was lovely and picturesque. I am re-charged, re-energized and ready for a new week.





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