Just so you know…

this is where we live, marked with a four-point star. The Emirates Palace Hotel is in the foreground. We walk thru an under-the-street mosaic tunnel to the beach on the Arabian Gulf (water you see); we walk across the street to the grocery store; we can taxi to almost anywhere we need to go in ten minutes and for 10-15 Dirhams ($2.00-4.00USD).

We are very happy and welcome visitors…..just so you know.

Aloha, Denise


FUN grocery shopping

One of the many things I appreciate more now is grocery shopping. That’s mostly because we’ve been “on the road” for over seven months and I haven’t had a kitchen! So when I go food shopping now, I find the most interesting and fascinating things!

We have “Hypermarkets” here. There is an enormous array of foods, spices, produce and fish at the markets. Prawns as big as Mark’s foot! Steak that looks happy & well-lived. Barrels of spices, olives and dates and much more. This is very inspiring! My friend KP would really be in Heaven!

After shopping is the fun finale: pushing the “trolley” (basket, cart) out to the curb to catch a taxi. None of the trolleys’ wheels roll in a straight line; they all roll at a diagonal. So there’s also a workout involved. I must take the trolley out of the store, usually up from the basement level of the store or down from the top-level of the store/mall. This is the coolest part: the trolley has magnets on those wheels; and the ramps we travel up or down on are flat, like an escalator without stairs. So the trolley stays put! What will these smart people think of next!?

I never thought I’d enjoy food shopping, but I do!

Have fun today!




Bus or Bust?

I took the #11 bus to Mina Port where the Iranian Souk/Market is… that was my intention. I was on the bus, enjoying the “tour”, for an hour! I recognized the areas we were in, stopping three times between lights. It didn’t appear to be the way to the port….I was right and wrong: it was the way to the port, but the long way!

After an hour on the bus, I got off, immediately jumped into a taxi and arrived at Mina Port six minutes later.

The city bus is a great way to get around and see the city. It’s not great when you’re on a time schedule and you’ve seen that part of the city!




Worlds of fun

I put on a fancy dress, Mark a suit and we went to new friends’ apartment. They are delightful people who moved here from Doha, Qatar. We enjoyed a glass of wine, “getting to know you” conversation and the sunset.

We then taxied to the Emirates Palace for the Event: “Arabian Nights” fund-raiser Gala for our childrens’ school. There were lights, beads, flowers, candles and music touching all of our sights and filling our minds with festivity and love. The committee worked very hard to make this THE event of the season. Over three hundred people enjoyed the meal, silent and live auctions, and dancing. Over three hundred different mother-toungues! It was worlds of fun!

I am so proud of and blessed by this school, community and city. This is another example of the power of love, connection and Divine Favor.



Finally finished

Well, it’s been one week today that we moved in to our new apartment.  We have Internet, furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils, clothes and fresh flowers. We lack only carpets to say, “We’re finally finished” with this part of our new adventure.

Tara is having the first party: a dance party with her school friends. It’ll be so fun and she’s very excited.

This experience provided lessons in patience, perseverance and humor.  I welcomed advice, recommendations and transportation, Thank you, Beth.  I love my friends and family so much. I am very grateful everyday! Happy Spring!



P.S. once I figure out how to upload the video Mark made, I will share it on this site.

Home Sweet, Sassy and Cyber-linked Home

Our apartment is really great! We all have room to spread out, think, cook and enjoy the views of the Arabian Gulf, Emirates Palace, Marina Mall and the Abu Dhabi Theatre on the end of the pier. It’s sweet how it evolved…from hotel to home. We are slowly decorating with sassy, stylish furniture and accoutrements. The internet is getting better, so our cyber lives are almost connected seamlessly.

I’ve heard from so many people that the hotel to home transition was rocky, unstable and challenging. Here’s my response: breathe! The Universe conspires to our happiness….so let it. Nothing worth doing well is going to be without challenges and bumps in the road. Just let go…that’s where the miracles happen.



I’m back online!

Oh my, I have withdrawal from internet, communication and blogging!

We are in our new home! It is better than fantabulous!!!

Details and pics coming!

I love love love our life here!

Happy Wife and Happy Life!




78 days?!

Yes, we’ve lived in the Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi for 78 days! What an adventure! What luxury! What will I do when there’s no date on my pillow at night, clean towels and sheets every morning and no Sheraz making my egg white omelet in the morning? I WILL DO IT ALL MYSELF! I cannot wait to cook, straighten up and entertain in our new home.

All the appliances and furniture arrived exactly on schedule; and the technicians, assembly men and delivery men were awesome. The apt. is looking more like a home. Now we need carpets, plants and dishes.

Our family formula for miracles: Integrity + Public Authenticity (I documented this journey on this blog) + A promise I don’t know how to keep (my promise: on December 25, 1. Enroll Tara in the American School and,  2. secure a home for us by the end of Mark’s “First 90 days” of his work.)

I did it and in 78 days.