Sights on the streets

There are many things to notice while walking on the streets in Abu Dhabi. Here are some I found interesting to share:

1. Cars, Cabs and Cracks. There are Lamborghinis mixed in with silver taxis and Land Rovers. The sidewalks are uneven and have cracks and missing bricks but guide me to cool destinations. I like to roam behind the buildings as well as in front, because there are neat shops and restaurants just out of sight.


photo 2












photo 1







2. There are many cafes, shops, cleaners, banks, stationery shops and small markets on the bottom floors of tall buildings. The mezzanine floor is usually office space and the remaining sky-scraping floors are apartments or flats. It’s a great use of space!

3. (photo below) The windshield wiper of the cars are extended to indicate to the owner that it’s clean and ready to go. Yes, the cars sometimes get washed while they are parked.









Have you encountered anything cool along your walks?



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