From crummy to crazy!

The day started out crummy: my taxi guy got yelled at and his car slapped by a hot head in a hurry. Then progress to trying to talk to property managers who haven’t yet mastered English (I know, it’s not their first language) but she kept talking and I kept asking her to slow down and repeat, I couldn’t understand. After that, I just melted into, “forget it” I need help securing a flat!

Fast forward to uplifting and supportive “chat” with my dear friend Phyllis; unbelievable massage by Helen, and lovely walk to the school, and my crazy, happy self returned!

By the time I saw Tara’s face I was back to normal!

We spent the afternoon and evening laughing, eating and more laughing. Much better!

What a difference sun, friends and laughter can make! Have you laughed like crazy today?



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