January’s over already?

In the past 24 hours, four dear friends communicated with me asking how I am and what’s going on? I thought I was pretty transparent and “out there” with life and adventures. Well, here’s my answer in a nutshell, for those who missed it and care:

Everything here is so great!!!
Mark loves his new job: he’s the Chief of Neurosciences (neurology & neurosurgery) at a huge hospital here (Mafraq hospital) and loving the admin part. He is still waiting for his licensure to complete.

The girls are wonderful and both starting new schools: Tara here in Abu Dhabi ~ the American Community School~ and Emily is at Santa Barbara city college, as a second semester freshman.

I find living here to be stimulating and calming all at the same time. The people are VERY friendly, helpful and worldly. The foods are enticing and flavorful. The climate (so far) is delightfully warm, yet for the past two days it’s been very foggy. I hear it will get fiercely hot (120oF) later in the summer.

I am mastering Centigrade, km, military time, money conversion and not stressing out when things don’t start “on time.”

We are still living in a hotel….that’s fine except we cannot cook so we eat out a lot!  Mark and I have looked at about 30 buildings so far; we’ve only scratched the surface. My goal is to find a ‘home’ no later than Feb. 28. We’ll see….

I’ve toured Dubai; enjoyed Ferrari World; kayaked in the mangroves; dune bashed in the desert and seen spectacular sunsets. Mark and I went to the Japanese Ambassador’s home for dinner the other night and it was grand! I’m going to the Jordanian Ambassador’s home for lunch next month. I’m meeting amazing people!!! New friends, new fun, lots of adventure!

I hope everything is going well with you, your families, grandkids, career etc.

Stay well and have fun everyday!



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