Merry Everything from Abu Dhabi

It’s 4pm local time in our new home, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

After a fabulous, comfortable and entertaining 14.5 hr plane trip, we arrived safely in Dubai. I watched six movies, ate two meals, slept in a comfy bed for two hours and laughed with Mark and Emily.

We were whisked away by a lovely woman who held up a sign bearing our names. She ushered us through the customs/immigration line and gave Mark his work visa. After they scanned his eyes, we collected our six suitcases (all we have in the world 🙂  and were driven to Abu Dhabi by a private car.

Now we’re checked in to our lovely hotel (temporary housing until ours is ready) and ready to explore.

From sunny, blue skies, warm and perfect Abu Dhabi…

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!



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