A Virgin to LA

As I buckled up in my aisle seat on board, I’m reminded of the many flights I’ve taken and how much I like to get up, walk around and say “hi” to fellow passengers and the flight crew.  I am always fascinated how the crew get the service trays organized, distributed and cleaned up within the short flying time. I also marvel how people wear a backpack, shoulder-hold a duffel, roll a suitcase and cradle a purse as they board. Didn’t they just announce one suitcase and one personal item?? 

How do they squeeze so many suitcases in the overhead compartments, especially when the belly of the plane is virtually empty? Haven’t you noticed there is less and less stuff at baggage claim?
The inside of this plane is illuminated with the soft glow of purple and red lighting. I’m sure there were studies done to ensure these are the most comforting and safe colors for an airplane. I’m über happy: I love purple. This is Virgin America!
Next time you fly, remember to enjoy your flight, take careful note of the ambience and have a safe and comfortable flight.

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