From one island paradise to another one!

Today was a “day off” for Mark; Fridays and Saturdays are a non-work days here. So we explored (on foot) from our hotel to the public beach, 4.6 miles. We even managed to look at one apartment for rent. We saw the Central Market, or Souk, and had a lovely snack. Emily had a lemon […]

It’s a wonderful life!

This is a beautiful place! The streets are clean and well-maintained; the grass is bright green; the date palm trees are hearty and lush and the buildings stretch up to touch the blue sky. This is our new home! For the first half of the morning, the Cornishe “reconnoitering.”  We  walked from the business side […]

Update Adventure 2012

Documents for Abu Dhabi, including International Drivers’ License, check. Extra passport photos for AD drivers’ license, check. All packed, check. Saying “so long” to family and friends, check. Airplane tickets secured, check. Hotel arrangements upon arrival, pending. Temporary housing prior to permanent housing, pending. Excitement, check. Countdown begins today; we depart 12-24-12!!! Reminders: live big, […]