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I must confess, I’m sad our 5-state tour is coming to a close. Tomorrow we roll into Dallas after a three-week road trip. We started in California and traveled to Las Vegas, Arizona, New Mexico and finished in Texas. It’s been nothing short of wonderful, inspiring and delicious.

Many people have commented on this trip: how cool; how liberating; how unusual; how do I do it? Thanks for your comments.

Here’s a tip for travel: take only one carry-on suitcase on wheels. We recommend the Osprey backpack available at REI. Take only take the minimum clothes you need. Bring sneakers, slippers and house shoes.  Anything else you can pick up along the journey. There are stores everywhere! Purchase all your toiletries once you begin your trip ~ we stopped at Target, Walmart and Safeway as soon as we picked up the truck in Oakland. See photo below.

We also bought an inexpensive styrofoam cooler ($1.98) to keep in the back of the truck and refilled it w/ ice daily. We bought water, sodas, yogurt and lunch foods daily for the road so we didn’t have to stop for too long to eat. We just “tail-gated” at a rest stop.

Happy travels and aloha,


Easy to purchase goodies for road trips: have credit card will travel!

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