Blue October finale

And, Happy Halloween, to all who love witches, goblins and costume parties!

This month has flown by and concludes two months of travel and adventures. We’ve seen some great historic sites: The Freedom Towers in NYC, Downtown Dallas and the JFK memorial, Yosemite National Park, The Mariposa Grove and Sequoia trees, the Hearst Castle all in California and Hoover Dam in Las Vegas.

I HAVE to tell you….while we were in LV, we had a deluxe tour of the Hoover Dam and learned all about it. Fascinating work of engineering genius! Kudos to Herbert Hoover! After our tour, we headed back to the strip and stood in line to enter the theatre in the Monte Carlo hotel to see Blue Man Group. They began the show with colors, lights, drums and music. Then they (the three blue men) headed out into the audience…..and chose me to go up on stage with them for a skit. It was so funny and fun! Mark took pictures so it’s well documented.

Live, love, laugh and Have Fun!!!



On the road again

Our adventures are fun and entertaining. Let me tell you about last night….

We left LA in the early evening, heading East. We had a fabulous dinner with dear friends and toasted new adventures with Dom Perignon. After a short drive to Brea, we checked into the hotel and I jumped into the shower. Not five minutes later, the fire alarm sounded sending all hotel guests out to the curb. We watched as several police cars and three huge fire engines took control of some smokey event inside the hotel. About an hour later, well after midnight, we returned to our room for the night. The excitement continued this morning as the alarm sounded again. This time, we carried our ice and suitcases down the four flights of stairs to bid So Cal adieu.

As we travel northeast to our next stop, Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, we are delighted by the sunshine, 84 degree (whoop!) weather and the lovely mountain views.

We are living la vida loca and super-fun!! I hope you are too!



Trees, castles, friends

Well, we’ve driven from San Francisco, CA to Los Angeles this week. We’ve seen huge trees, deer, coyotes; we toured a castle, a million dollar Roman pool and a garden; we are in LA to see friends, share collages and inspect more of my unknown future.

This is my wonderful life. I am so grateful for it.

This road trip taught me some more valuable lessons: silence is golden; say aloud when I am hungry or need to get out of the car; Mark is a perfect companion.



Oh, what you do to me!

1. I love adventure.

2. I love travel.

3. I love that Mark likes 1 & 2 too.

Oh, what you do to me, adventure, travel and Mark!!!

We left Dallas at 8:00am (Tuesday) on the lovely, comfortable, classy, clean and lighted purple interior Virgin America flight. It was a nice 3 hr 45 minute flight to San Francisco, CA. We boarded the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit train) to Oakland. Arriving around noon, we walked a mile to the storage facility where our truck has been since August. As we pulled our suitcases, we soaked in our surroundings: trees changing colors; lively people driving and walking; and crisp air kissing our faces.

“Rockii” my truck was in great condition and started immediately. We drove east to Yosemite National Park and arrived just as the sun was setting. What a lovely drive! We saw mountains, huge trees, cows, sheep & horses. As we entered the Park, we saw snow! Recently a snow storm blew through, closing some of the roads and covered the ground.

We are staying at the Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, minutes from the Yosemite Falls. It’s warm, cozy and decorated with tree-carved furniture and lighting. Not too rustic: there’s a big flat screen TV, an iPod dock and a super friendly staff.

As we greeted the sunrise, we saw green & yellow trees outside beyond our patio. We walked to the breakfast lounge and loaded up on protein. As I was eating (Mark was still in line for his hand-made omelet), a lovely woman asked if she could join me. “Of course!” I said, and we chatted and ate our meals. Her name is Corinne and she’s Hawaiian! Corinne is here for a meeting and enjoying all the vistas. We had a lovely conversation and parted with hugs and “Aloha!”

Oh, what this lovely life does to me! What does it do for you?



I’m “Home!”

Well, I’m back in Dallas. I’m with my sweetie.

I had a fabulous trip to Mexico (Playa del Carmen, Cancun) with my mom. We laughed, ate, drank, played Roulette, saw shows, enjoyed beach massages, the beach and the pools. Whew, what a fun Mother/Daughter vacation. I recommend it to all my girlfriends and their moms!

Next trip: to California to pick up my truck. Stay tuned….it’s going to be adventure-filled.



More gratitude than ever

As I enjoy time with my mother, I feel grateful beyond words. She is soaking up the fun, chatting with other guests, eating all the foods, and enjoying the pampering I so want her to have.

This is a lovely, relaxing place where we will create memories and laugh out loud.

What a wonderful, generous, abundant world. I am grateful beyond words for all of it…today and always.

Aloha y adios,