Fabulous Food

I have eaten so much great food over these past few weeks.

I finish this week with lunch w/ two dear friends I’ve known since junior high school and dinner party at Mark’s aunt’s home and her new neighbors. Both meals were perfect: yummy and filled with great conversation.

How is it that food + great people= so much fun!?

I’m not going to figure it out. I’m just going to keep doing it!



Awe filled

As in many families today we are preparing for the Days of Awe, Yom Kippur. The tables are set, the flowers are positioined, the memorial service was on Sunday (between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) and the first service is tonight, Kol Nidre.

Our sages, rabbis and ansestors and relatives taught us to live this extraordinary life. I am grateful, humbled and blessed.

To those I have wronged, I apologize. Please forgive me.

To everyone, I love you and I thank you for reading my blog. I hope it lands on you as helpful, humorous and inspiring.

Gmar chatmah tovah.



Adventures for all

We are still in Dallas, exploring, rediscovering and enjoying.

Our nephew just returned from a big trip overseas and he seems happy and fulfilled.

My mom and I changed our trip plans and now we’re going to a resort for R&R.

I plan on going to LA for my Partnership course.

We’re still cruising, laughing and loving life!

Cheers for adventure! I hope you listen to your inner heart and go for all the adventures you can!




Notice the people walking by;

Notice the conversations they are engaged in.

Notice the sky, the clouds, the buildings.

Notice the planes coming in and taking off.

Notice the business men on their phones; the businesswomen on their laptops.

Notice the love and joy and peace.

Notice all around you

and be grateful.



P.S. We are happy, safe and grateful back in Dallas, TX.

Amazing times

This weekend in Woodstock was wonderful, relaxing, delicious and inspiring. The family togetherness was the best part.

We drove back to Manhattan Sunday morning to be in time for Rosh Hashanah services. I felt so warm and welcomed into the service and the loving arms of community around me. Thank you, God, for touching our lives with voices, song, inspiration and joy.

L’shana tovah (happy new year) and may we all be inscribed into the Book of Life.



Good morning, Woodstock!

No wonder there have been so many songs, poems and passages written about/in/around Woodstock, NY. It’s a lovely, peaceful, creative and comfortable place!

We are here visiting with our family. We woke up to the sun shine, cool breezes and fresh cappuccino. My beautiful nieces are a joy to behold!!! My mom-in-law is happy, surrounded by love and her grandkids. My fabulous nephew and his friend are now awake and ready for the day.

What a fantabulous way to launch a Saturday!

What are you doing today?

Tip: ask questions about the weekend destination then embrace it all.




I honor those men and women and children who lost their lives on 9-11-2001. You will never be forgotten.

Thank you to those men and women who saved, rescued, operated on, fed, clothed and loved those who were hurt on 9-11-2001. You will never be forgotten.

God bless America.