Howdy Dallas!

An Aggie pilot flew us perfectly into DFW airport tonight. Our moms beat us here by three minutes and met us at our bag claim. Our  adventure continues..

All the planning has come to fruition without the slightest hitch. This is a textbook example of unprescidented Divine favor.

We have two sleeps until our next flight.

Stay well and in touch.



Beautiful Boston

When it’s sunny, go for a walk.

Today we took a walking tour of Boston with a wonderful, animated and passionate Park Ranger. He told us stories of history like it was yesterday. He pointed out three historic sites and we enjoyed it very much.

Boston was warm, brimming with walkers, runners and cyclists and the eateries and shoppes were bustling. We walked along the Charles River as the sun set, holding Tara’s hands. She’s leaving in two days for France. This is our final stop on our Adventure trip with her.

Tip for today: stop to smell the roses and hold the hands of your loved ones.



Lake Shore Limited ~ All aboard!

Tonight we boarded our next train. This one is faster, newer, fancier and heading to Boston, MA.

Same cast as the other train: Mark, Tara and Denise; and we’ve added one character: Mimi Marilyn!

Once settled, our cabin attendant, Lashawnda, invited us to a wine & cheese welcome reception in the Dining Car. Of course we went and enjoyed it tremendously.

Tip for today: relax and enjoy the abundance the Universe offers.

We are booking’ down the tracks! All aboard!




California Amtrak Zephyr trip

Better late than never::::this was the first chance I had internet….


Today is Monday morning and I waited patiently behind the yellow line for the Amtrak California Zephyr train to roll into the station in Emeryville, CA. Once it stopped, the Amtrak hostess directed us (Mark, Tara and me) to the Sleeper Car and we found our reserved berth. We set our suitcases inside and giggled! The room is wonderful: it’s equipped with beds for all three of us, a sink and a shower/toilet combo. Not five minutes later a beautiful young woman came in, introducing herself as Chantey, our cabin attendant. She prepares our beds and does “whatever we need to further enjoy our journey.” Wow!


Tara, Mark and I found our way to the Observation car and sat in a sofa + chair section.  From the cushy seats, we have seen eight California cities and three Nevada cities, as of this writing.

We’ve passed thru über tall trees, rushing rivers, flat desert vistas and vast flat land that resembles Mars. The sunset is beautiful especially with the sound of the train whistle outside!


Our dinner reservations are at 7:30pm, so we push open the doors between train cars back to the Dining Car, where Reggie will serve us the best meals Amtrak offers.


I am totally loving this journey. We are together; we are safe & silly; we are seeing the beautiful America.


How was your Monday?




Cottage in the woods

As our time here in McKinleyville and Arcata draws to an end, I’d like to share with you my insights. Staying in a cottage in the woods, eight miles from Arcata, two of those miles are on dirt roads, is relaxing, peaceful, wonderful and first class!

Our cottage house is next to the main house on about five acres. In the mornings and evenings deer come to graze. The home owners feed them grains in addition to the grass so they are regulars to the house. We have nice beds, hot showers, fresh coffee and comfy furniture. We are enjoying this very much. I think my blood pressure has come down significantly, it’s so relaxing here!

At night, we make fires in the pit and cook our dinner (chicken & veggie sausages and green beans) then make s’mores (cooked marshmallows + chocolate + graham crackers as a sandwich). It’s a sweet end to the meal. We have stayed out by the fire until very late at night. We can see so many stars in the sky!

This has been a great vacation for us and a smooth transition for Emily into college. She is happy and settled in and making friends. She’s eaten out in town, watched movies with her new friends and explored the campus.

We are off to Oakland to catch our train.



Amazing, enchanting, charming…

Those three words describe the city of Arcata, where I am this week. We’ve moved Emily into her dorm (residents’ hall); learned about professional majors; toured the campus and eaten in the Jolly Giant dining hall.

We enjoyed walking thru the town, seeing all the local stores, restaurants and markets. One of the neat things about Arcata is there are no chains, franchises or big box stores. These great people own and work in their establishments, the food is locally grown and very often organic.

Tonight the deer surrounded us as Tara and I made a fire. When Mark brought out our dinner, we cooked it in the fire and ate it right off the skewers. Then we finished off with s’mores. Perfect dinner!

The stars fill the sky…the food fills my belly…the whole experience fills my heart. This charming city is a great place to visit and for Emily to begin her college journey.

From the cottage in the woods,



One down, one to go.

Today we awoke to the sun and the enormous trees outside the cottage in the woods. We are in McKinleyville, CA, right outside Arcata, where Emily moved into her college dorm today. After a delicious lunch at Adel’s all together, we purchased linens and lamps she needed. We lined her drawers, hung up her clothes, fluffed her pillow and hugged her hard. A hui hou…till we see you again. Our daughter zoomed from Pre-school to college!

I sat on the deck thinking about the past 18 years…I’m very happy how everything turned out.  I’ve had excellent role models from Baltimore, California, Texas and Oahu.

Our adventure continues this weekend as we drive back to San Francisco to relax and show Tara the city. Stay tuned.

Tara misses Emily too…they will always share a bond and sister-love.



Addendum to today’s post

I must share the unprecedented Divine favor we experienced this morning. Mark and I took the BART  to the pier area where our truck ended its cruise across the ocean. We were several days later in our arrival than the truck, so we prepared to pay the $15 /day storage fee. After we showed our IDs to the gate attendant, we went in to the trailer to pay for the storage. The woman  behind the counter said, ” I will waive the storage fee. You have paid enough already.”  That’s Divine favor!!

Then we went to get gas and not only was there a gas station nearby, but it also had a car wash!  More Divine favor!

Had to share that with you!!,

Aloha, San Francisco

Aloha…I’m here in San Francisco, CA. I reunited with my family. Mark and I are going to pick up my truck while Emily & Tara wash the dirty travel clothes.

This adventure is wonderful. Exploring the unknown is uplifting, generative and inspiring.

Create your own adventure!!