How many ways to say “hi” are there?

I’ve learned that the more languages I can say “hi” in, the more people I can talk to and the more friends I can make.  For example, nightly when Tara and I go to our hot tub, often there are people whose first language is not English. I can say “hello” in about a dozen languages so that’s my entrée, plus a smile. I’ve met some wonderful people that way.

I met a new friend via facebook whom I adore already. We had lunch and chatted for over three hours!  A smile and an “Aloha” started it all.

Whatever you can, use the language of friendship, the love language and the peace-for-the-world language and say “hi” and see how far you can go.

Making new friends, new changes and new challenges may seem scary…what’s really scary is regret from not doing it!

How does that land on you?



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