Wake up happy!

Good morning! I’m a little late in posting this blog and I’ll tell you why:

Mark and I pulled an “all-nighter” in our apartment yesterday to today. We loaded boxes in the storage room, donated unwanted items and left our kids sleeping in our fancy hotel room. I am so happy! I slept for about two hours (from 4am-6am) and Mark fell asleep from 5:45am to 6:15am.

Now it’s done! The apartment is empty and the cleaning crew is due here in three hours. Time enough to take Mark to work, melt in the shower and meet the crew for entry. I am so happy!!

Thank you, God for this glorious day. I am safe, happy, joyful and blessed. Thank you, Mark, for your energy and love.

When the sun shines and my family is together, I am the happiest.

Today we begin our new adventure, “Campaign 2012” for the Schnitzer family. Let the games begin!

Thank you for sharing the journey with me. Stay tuned….



Pick up pick-up

Aloha kakahiaka!

Today we pick up a pick-up truck to complete our move-out. We have hung-out for two days in the apt, cleaning, straightening-up, purging, sharing and enjoying. Time to clean-out and clear-out.

Remember to live all out and in color! Have fun everyday. Love the ones you’re with and tell them you love them.

I love YOU, faithful readers and friends.

Time to move-on and move-out! Stay tuned…the party is NOT over yet!!



Never say never…out loud

We are packing, purging and planning. I’ve mentioned that. The girlz are moving away…I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ve shared that.

Mark is interviewing for a new job…you know that too. What I haven’t shared is that we are not committed to living in the US…..we’re preparing for a huge adventure!!!

I’m excited, anxious, joyful and ready for this next step. My lesson was never say never, and always trust.



Cassettes, Cavalcades, Coins

Those are some of the things I found while packing and purging.

The journey to a minimalist lifestyle takes patience, organization and commitment. I have two of three…

How fortunate I am to have so many memories, lasting friendships and Kodak moments. I’m also happy we now live in a digital age so our photos don’t take up so much room. These treasures are priceless and making their way to storage. Who else has so many cassettes and French Francs?



Love and hugs and gratitude.

I had an amazing massage….a birthday gift I just claimed. I’m so grateful to the gifter and the massage therapist.

I have amazing friends….hot tub friends, apartment friends, island friends and family friends. I am so grateful for their love and generosity.

I want to give a huge *shout out* and enormous *HUGS* to all my friends. Without you, I’d be a lost soul.

I love you!

I offer you my warmest hugs.

I am grateful to have you in my life.




Two more weeks in an apartment, really?

We have two more weeks to live in our luxury high-rise apt. in Honolulu. It’s been nothing short of fantabulous! We have our final walk-through on the last day of the month.

Whatever shall become of this stuff: photos to the storage unit; books to voracious readers like us; unwanted winter clothes to Goodwill; kitchen gadgets to my dear friend Marie.

Where to next? Start your motors, it’s gonna be a exciting ride!



How many ways to say “hi” are there?

I’ve learned that the more languages I can say “hi” in, the more people I can talk to and the more friends I can make.  For example, nightly when Tara and I go to our hot tub, often there are people whose first language is not English. I can say “hello” in about a dozen languages so that’s my entrée, plus a smile. I’ve met some wonderful people that way.

I met a new friend via facebook whom I adore already. We had lunch and chatted for over three hours!  A smile and an “Aloha” started it all.

Whatever you can, use the language of friendship, the love language and the peace-for-the-world language and say “hi” and see how far you can go.

Making new friends, new changes and new challenges may seem scary…what’s really scary is regret from not doing it!

How does that land on you?