More new ideas

Let’s say you’re new in your city…here’s some tips:

Get a CityPass. This is available in most big cities. It allows you to go to museums, use public transportation (which everyone should at least try) and see some of the city’s hot spots.

Go to the “tourist” places and also tag along w/ some locals.

Eat everything!

Learn the local dialect.

I met a woman today who is visiting from Israel. We spoke in French. Her family is in Israel and Colorado. She is delightful and accepted my tips to enhance her visit.

Got any ideas for me?



Ready to begin a new journey!?

I began another new journey this weekend. It’s called Partnership Explorations and it’s a course in the Landmark Education Wisdom curriculum. It’s off the charts!!!!

There are extraordinary people in the course from the USA, Europe and Canada. They are up to big things in the world and are playing big games. Most of all, they are my community and my friends. I love them, I learn and grow and play with them. And I’m on this year long journey into the unknown with them.

As you know, our lives will look totally unrecognizable again in two months. We are embarking on another journey…..I’m creating that it will look warm, beautiful, abundant and inspiring.

How about your next journey? Ready to begin?


Happy Anniversary, Mark. #27.

Hi! Here I am in Los Angeles. I begin my year long course “Partnership”  in the morn

IIsn’t it funny to see TSA agents laughing? Policemen smiling? People on TV coveting a refrigerator!? Well, I’ve seen those things in the past 24 hrs. I love to see people happy.

There is nothing better than happy.

Sending loving vibes of happy to you.



What is your “bliss?”

I am on a “stay-cation”with my eldest daughter. We are celebrating her graduation from high school, and some much needed down time. It’s also, selfishly , some quality time together.

We are staying in a fabulous hotel about a mile from our apartment. It feels like we are on another island somewhere else.

So this has been relaxing, cathartic, rejuvenating and lux. We have laughed, eaten, read, walked, rode (details in the next paragraph), and discovered together. Sitting by the pool is  nice, holding a book or napping, ….I enjoy her immensely.

I had a surprise planned for Saturday afternoon and it went off perfectly. We took Segway Hawaii’s sunset tour along the beach. It was awesome!! We saw things we rarely see from the car. After our two hour tour, we relaxed by the pool with snacks and a cold drink. Watching the sun set over the ocean with my Emily was perfect!

To appreciate life and the people in it, I believe we must get away from our daily routine and live like a tourist. See the sights…eat the unknown foods, laugh out loud and spend time with my kids. They are brilliant and I enjoy their company.

I call this weekend pure bliss.



Mom/Daughter weekend starts

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Mark took Tara to San Francisco to obtain her French visa, see the One Direction (boy band) concert and tour the city. They are having a marvelous time.

So….Emily and I are doing a stay-cation and having fun too. We went to the mall for a four-hour shopping spree; saw Madagascar 3, the movie,; went to a Garlic & Ginger Festival and then topped off our evening in the hot tub. That was just Thursday!

Today we head to the Modern Honolulu, a luxury resort hotel in Waikiki to relax and enjoy. We have spa appointments for later this afternoon and some surprises later in the weekend. Stay tuned!

What will you do with your kids this weekend?



Happy Trails

Today our youngest daughter goes to the French Consulate in San Francisco to obtain her long-stay visa to study in France for her junior year of high school. She is so excited.

We have collected her birth certificate, vaccine records, insurance, plane and school documents. She even has an outfit picked out that says “Je t’aime” on the shirt.

I’m so happy for her. I know this is the beginning of a wonderful, life-altering journey.

I wish her “bon voyage” and “adieu.”



Happy sweet 16…..third time

We were invited to join in our friends’ daughter’s sweet 16 celebration, as part of their family!!! We went and it was outstanding! We had dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant and then dessert at Cold Stone creamery. We walked to dinner and home from dessert. The company was fabulous and fun and the food was non-stop delicious.

How wonderful to be a part of a lovely, local family. We are truly blessed.

Now that our daughters have both celebrated their sweet 16th birthday, we are pleased to celebrate with friends.