My heart felt hello

I am in San Francisco,CA this weekend for the final weekend of the Power & Contribution course. It’s also the 12th annual Conference for Global Transformation.

Let me tell you, I’ve met some incredible people, learned some very valuable lessons and had conversations I never thought I’d have….already and it’s only the first day!

Lesson 1: love yourself!!! We’re all incredible !! Give up the suffering! There is no power there!! There is only power in forgiving.

Lesson 2: to be “right” you’ve already lost. Generate and create what needs to be done. It doesn’t matter who does it….no one needs the credit. This is a big world and we’re all in it  to win it.

Lesson 3: just say “hi, I’m Denise (insert your name here) and meet new friends! Put your self out there and play the game!!

Are you with me?!






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