A lu’au in paradise

We experienced our first luau! It was spectacular!

The nice man directed us to our free parking spot: clean, close and plentiful.  We were greeted with a lei and smiles and a photo with gorgeous Hawaiian dancers. After receiving, or in my case declining, a Mai Tai, we walked along the white sand beach along the water. There were so many activities to entertain, empower and teach us the ancient Hawai’ian history.

I paddled in a canoe around a lagoon; watched men fish with nets, enjoyed the blowing of the conch shell, made a wrist lei and walked along the shore as the sun gently set.

Then it was time to see our dinner: the call to the amphitheater to see the roasted pig unearthed from the pit. Totally authentic and beautiful.

The lu’au dinner was fabulous, organized, delicious and plentiful. To feed five hundred people (nightly) is quite a feat!

As the sun melted into the sea, the show began. Drummers,  dancers, singers, fire-twirlers and more dancers. Colors and sounds filled the area. The joy in the outdoor dining room was overflowing!

This was an experience I’m so happy to have enjoyed. My girls loved it too. They were so gracious; they didn’t complain that getting home late would interrupt homework time.

What a fabulous night!




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