New journeys unfold when you let them

I saw sights I never saw…..driving along Topanga Canyon Road were trees, hills, flowers and a winding road that resembles a roller coaster. Yes, I am in Los Angeles! CA. The weather is lovely, the air is crisp and the interview is today. Whatever journey is next,  could be determined today. Stay tuned… Aloha, Denise

More gratitude

As this monumental week comes to a close, I have but one thought. Gratitude. I am grateful I met, married and had children with Mark Schnitzer. I’m grateful that we raised lovely daughters. I’m grateful I have fabulous parents and parents-in-law. I’m grateful our daughters have been well-educated. I’m grateful Emily graduated from the terrific […]

She did it!!!

Well, our daughter graduated from high school on Wednesday!!! Sorry I didn’t post then..lotsgoing on. The ceremony was extraordinary! 38 lovely young women sang, danced a personalized hula, shared stories and collected a hard-earned diploma from La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls. Now we celebrate. The grandmas are here to laugh, eat, shop and kvell […]

I’m whole, complete and joyful

The  weekend in San Francisco was magical. It all came together as a well orchestrated production. In  between the meals, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, poster sessions and shares, we’re hugs, acknowledgements, accolades, high-gives and a whole lotta love.   The  2012 Conference for Global Transformation and the Power and Contribution course are complete. I registered […]

My heart felt hello

I am in San Francisco,CA this weekend for the final weekend of the Power & Contribution course. It’s also the 12th annual Conference for Global Transformation. Let me tell you, I’ve met some incredible people, learned some very valuable lessons and had conversations I never thought I’d have….already and it’s only the first day! Lesson […]