Love like crazy!

I love my friends,

I love my family,

I love my kids,

I love my husband

Like crazy!!

I love my life, my adventures, my past, present and future!

Join in the love…big things are happening!!




Happy Lei Day!

Today I learned how to make a plumeria flower lei. It was fabulous!!!

I walked into a room and the intoxicating scent of plumeria overtook my senses. The woman showed me how to take the 8″ long, thin, hook (looks like a sewing needle and a crochet hook combined) and latch the waxed string along the hook. Then I poked the needle into the throat of the yellow plumeria flower until it was locked onto the string. I filled the needle length with flowers, then pushed them down onto the string. I continued to do that until the string was filled with flowers. Then I took off the hook and did it again.

There were about a hundred leis made for the Lei Day celebration. This precedes the May Day celebration.

Then I was invited to help cover the columns with palm fronds, braiding them along the back side so they would be attractive no matter where anyone sits; add flowers to the front gate of the school; cut more leaves to add to an enormous trough of flowers decorating the stage area and spray down all the flowers with water to they don’t get “sun burned” before the event.

I was made to feel welcome and a contribution. Happy Lei Day!



Have a nice day!

I met two very nice people when I sat in a jury pool room this week. We chatted, got to know each other, shared stories and photos and lunch both days.

One of the people was called into the jury box, then was dismissed. The other person and I were dismissed after two days of sitting.

What a interesting experience. The best part was making new friends. At the end of the day, we parted ways and said, “have a nice day.”

What do you think of that?



Live rich

My friend Randy Gage teaches “live rich” every day. I interpret that as enjoy your life, do what makes you happy and take care of yourself.

Our days are filled with “live rich” moments.

Today Mark bought plane tickets to San Francisco to obtain Tara’s student visa. He also surprised her w/ concert tickets to see her favorite band. She cried with joy.

When we walk to the beach for a few minutes of sun and water, that’s living rich.

How are you doing with living rich?




What’s up with you?

As I sit and look out the window at the beautiful, calm ocean, I wonder what’s up with you?

I know that I’m preparing for my daughters to leave the proverbial nest; my husband to embark on a new career avenue; and us to begin our 2012 Adventure. What’s up with you?

Tara is in a play at her school…Emily is busily filling out forms ….Mark and I are back on thegood eating plan….what’s up with you?

Wishing you a fabulous Saturday!!!



Are you content?

Two surf spots….both without waves.

But, I’m content to be out in the sunshine and water.

I see people out in the water, sitting on their boards. I’m one of them. I am one with the water. I am content.

What are you content with? What do you do that makes your soul soar?



You know when….?

You know when you have a child and you get a lot of unsolicited advice?

You know when your child is a teenager and you get a lot of unsolicited advice?

You know when your teenager goes to prom and you hear a lot of unsolicited advice?

Well, thanks for all the advice!

Our senior daughter went to her Prom and she looked like an angel. Her date was handsome in his tuxedo. They floated up the stairs into the Honolulu Country Club. Mark and I have done our job…she’s a beautiful, talented, intelligent and kind young lady. All the advice, nurture and nature has come to fruition.