Life is so precious

I am in Dallas,TX with family. We are here to bid “adieu” to Mark’s dad. What a blessing he is.

I get that life is precious, fleeting and important. Everyone is a gift and I am so grateful for life’s blessing.



Addendum to my Bucket List

I forgot to add:

Shark cage swimming (4 miles off the North Shore of Hawaii)

I have pet a shark

I repelled down a mountain

I’ve surfed on two of four sides of our island

I have been up in the Good Year Blimp, twice

I went to the Rose Parade

I worked on (affixing flowers) to a float in the Rose Bowl Parade

I’ve been to Alaska & Hawaii

More later….



Choice vs Decision

I love it here, I want to stay. I will move, that’s the game to play.

We have the choice, it’s up to us. Our options are open, so NO FUSS!

We have a number of excellent options from which to choose. Back when we made decisions, this would have been stressful. We really LOVE the distinction between a decision and a choice. Stay tuned…

How are you doing with decisions vs choice? It’s quite liberating, yes?



Do you have a Bucket List?

I’ve been thinking about a Bucket List lately… do you have one? Why is it called a Bucket List?

Ok, so here’s what I have (done) so far: (not in chronological order)

Deep dive

whale watch

hamster ball race

10K race


Disneyland 1/2 marathon

Won professional dance competitions

River rafted

Beach and mountains in same day

Danced on field of prof soccer team (Half-time entertainment)

Live in another country (for a limited time)

Passionately kissed Mark at the Playboy Mansion

Lived in Texas, Maryland, California, Hawaii

Not completed yet, but still on “the list”:

Hang gliding

See my girlz off to college

See my girlz get married

Be a grandma (I have great role models!)

Live in another country (for a limited time)


I’m sure there’s more but this is my start. We will revisit this one….

What’s on your List?



Campaign 2012 is not just for presidents

Well, the Texas Spring Break Adventure went well. We saw four hospitals, several shopping centers, two sets of grandparents, one aunt, uncle and cousin and drove several hundred miles in five days. Now, we wait.

Yes, Mark interviewed for our new adventure. We are creating the perfect scenario for our family and it includes fun, joy, unity and health. This is our personal Campaign 2012.

This is a test of “putting it out in the Universe” and “the Universe conspires to my happiness” theories. I believe!!!

My mantra: I am open to what the Universe knows is best for us.

I invite you to repeat this mantra along with me. I know it works!



The time has come for some truths

As I sit here typing this blog, I am reminded that pure authenticity  is the key to freedom. In January, we learned that Mark’s contract will end at the end of August 2012. We are now on the hunt for our next adventure.

We don’t know what it will look like, so we are in the inquiry. What will we create? Where will be?   I do know that Mark and I are powerful, beautiful, contributing people and we will thrive where ever we live.

Our daughters will be on their way to independence: Emily will begin college and Tara will begin her Junior year in Rennes, France. We will be “empty nesters” overnight.

My goal is to create a loving, happy, vibrant home in a place of warmth, culture, camaraderie and love.

The truth is I am excited and anxious a la vez.  Another Schnitzer Adventure…



Newest Fairy Godmother works at AT&T

My newest Fairy Godmother is a lovely woman from Central Texas who was willing and able and magic!

The agent, Stephanie Lynch, at AT&T fixed my cell phone problem via an online chat. She waved her magic “fix it” wand and breathed life back into my phone.

Her motto, “seek joy, y’all!” is evident in her work ethic and capabilities.

Cheers to Stephanie Lynch!!!



It’s worth the wait!

My daughter and I waited for four hours and fifteen minutes for her State ID. We had all the compulsory paperwork and we arrived on time. We stood for a few hours and sat for an hour. We saw so many interesting people come and go: old, not so old, with kids, with spouses & significant others, coughing and sneezing people and even a man who talked to himself the entire time (he was one in front of us.)

I do not understand why it takes so long. Even getting a driver’s license took less time.

What I do think is that the employees there are courteous, hard-working, patient and steady. They never took a break or shut down their line (like many post office workers do.)

She now has her Hawaii ID and the knowledge that if she loses it, she’ll have to go thru that again.