Good-bye Michele

This weekend we said our good byes to our friend Michele. She fought a long and valiant battle with metastatic breast cancer.  Celebrated by her friends and family at her favorite ocean spot, her legacy lives on.

We will meet again…until then, rest in peace, Michele. I love you.



Mother / Daughter “Hats Off” evening

Last night at our kids’ school, we attended an amazing, lovely, exquisite, delicious event. The “Hats Off” title invited moms and daughters to wear a hat (of any genre or era) and dress up for this night. My daughters and I dressed up quite differently: Emily wore a big green hat and a lovely sundress; Tara wore a cowgirl hat, mini skirt and boots; I wore a hat of my grandmother’s and a flowy skirt with big pearls.

There were hats, twinkle lights, and orchids everywhere. The dinner was catered by Chef Hardy of Michele’s restaurant in Waikiki.  There was also entertainment and a showcase of student art!

Several dads walked around serving more food and Plantation Iced Tea. Mark was one of the charming dads!

I love being with our daughters and when they are happy, dressed up and with their friends, they are so much fun.



Friends are a true gift.

Here’s what I think: if you have friends, do stuff with them. Share a meal with them.

I shared breakfast w/ some special friends and I had so  much more than a meal.  I had inspiration, language and life lessons, enlightenment and camaraderie.

If it was for friends, we’d be very lonely.

Enjoy the laughs, hugs and love.



Vacation? Bliss!

Today was a great beach day: Tara and I had breakfast on the beach; Ranson and Emily walked along the beach; Mark sat in the sun and played in the water. We were among the visitors and locals enjoying Waikiki Beach.

How do you know who lives here and who is visiting? It’s hard! We’re all dressed in bathing suits, hats, sunscreen & beach towels. We’re all looking for the perfect place to plop down in the sand. We’re all happy, relaxed and care-free.

So, it really doesn’t matter…we are all on vacation…no worries, just bliss.

Note: the best breakfast on the beach: Beach Cafe near Queens Beach. Best yogurt: Yogurtland.



Wonderful life, isn’t it?!

Saturday, Feb 18 was an extra special day.

Tara walked across the street to pick up a few things at the mall. She loves to do that and I love her independence. Emily and I went over an  hour later for her hair appointment. I spoil our kids, admittedly, so they had coffee drinks, soft pretzels, acai bowls and lots of mommy-attention.

Tara worked on her French essay; Emily had her hair straightened (took 1.25 hours); I had my hair done ( I just couldn’t sit there watching people come and go and not partake!); and Mark finished some work as well.

Fast forward to evening: Tara left to go babysit; Emily was picked up by her boyfriend to go to his Military Ball; Mark and I dressed for our date at a tony restaurant near our home. We all had a super night!

We are so blessed with the favor of God. We have a wonderful life.

How are you acknowledging your blessing and favor?



What’s new?

As a new Hawaiian, I say, “How’z it?” as the greeting de jour. I eat the fun plethora of foods. And I enjoy the water sports afforded us by the warm, nearby ocean.

What else is new is my mindset. I’m more forgiving, acknowledging and self-expressed now. I’m reading more; laughing more and exploring more.

Our world is large and small: there’s so much to see and still I run into people I know at the grocery store.

What’s new in your world?



Happy day after

Happy Day After Valentine’s..

I’m so blessed, I’m so happy. Mark went to the mainland Sunday and Monday and still bought his girlz and me red roses and loving cards for Valentine’s day. What an awesome, great guy!!

He asked me to marry him 27 years ago, on Valentine’s day.

Our daughters had sentimental cards for me on the table.

My RED dinner was fun, delicious and even shared with Emily’s bf who surprised her at school with a banner of love and red roses.

What a great day…the fun still lingers the day after.

I hope you had a great Valentine’s day too!

xoxox Aloha,


Have you laughed until you cried lately?

Oh my! My dear friend from California is here for a visit. She’s let me tour her thru Waikiki, Diamond Head and the Ala Moana mall. She’s hiked, beached, eaten and driven around with me. The best part of it all is our laughing until we cry!

I love these precious times with friends.

Have you laughed until you cried lately? What makes you laugh?