Aloha humpback whales!!

I told you that I’m back in the swing, right? Well, today was the “walk with my friends” day. We walked from the kids’ school, down the hill and to the left, towards Diamond Head. As we made it to the second lookout, out in the distance were pods of whales!! We saw countless spouting as clear as the day. There were dolphins around them too, making the view even sweeter.

Included in my island paradise life is seeing friends when I’m out and about. While I was sitting on the wall, a friend ran by me, stopped to say hello and continued running.

The girlz and I are headed up to the North Shore to check out the 25′-30′ waves. We will look out for more whales up there.

I’m so grateful for these blessings.


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  1. We all forget to notice everything around us, from trees, birds, clouds, rocks, grass and everything around us in the present moment. How beautiful everything is. Thank you for reminding me to do that again and now. You are a beautiful spirit.

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