Have you shared your love?

There is another angel among us…my friend Michele fought her battle w/ cancer until 11:11am today. She will be missed.

What I’ve learned, and want to share with you, is that our lives are precious, fleeting and important. We must make the most out of every day, every acquaintance and every opportunity. Seize the moments! Be grateful! Create a great life! Have fun!!

I forgive cancer for taking my friend. I am grateful for knowing her and her family.

I love my friends. I love my family. I love my life.

Please share your love with those in your life.



Something new

Of all the gifts in my life, among my favorite are new friends.

I was warmly greeted and embraced by new friends last night. A large table of laughing beautiful people are now in my circle of friends.  What a gift!!!

Our daughter took her boyfriend to her school’s Winterball; and Mark and I went out to dinner w/ his parents and their friends. So we all had a ball!

What a gift to make new friends, watch your kids experience magical times and make memories to last a lifetime.

What’s new with you?



Great sayings…

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

When you have extra chocolate chips, make pancakes.

When you have extra love, give it away.

When you find yourself alone, give thanks.

When you have special friends, tell them.



My newest mantra to share:

Do stuff. Stay in touch. Do your least favorite part of the job first. Dig deep. Forgive yourself. Be in awe. Help others. Be silly. Expect a miracle. Play the hand you’re dealt. Love.

I invite you to tell those people in your life how much you love them…don’t wait.

I REALLY love you all.



Any new ideas?

What’s the next best “thing” to hit the market? What’s the best book to read now? Who will discover the next cool invention? Where is the next fabulous restaurant/ theatre/ building?

Any ideas?

Keep thinking, discovering, learning and sharing.



Rock on!

I want to send a huge shout out to the Google Teams, the Wikipedia Teams and the Facebook and Twitter teams. Y’all are brilliant~! Kudos for everything you’ve done.

Dear government people: keep your hands in your own business and let us keep our internet and enjoy it for free!

The End.


Are you a fan?

I have to say, I’m a big fan of things. I love sports…I love to cheer on a good team.

I like to look up, rather than down. I always discover cool things/places when I look up. I have discovered some great spas, restaurants and shops by looking up.

I am a big fan of acknowledgement. I like seeing the recipients’ expression from a kind word, a generous act and a sincere compliment.

I am a huge fan of long talks, belly laughs and precious moments.

What are you a fan of?


Grateful beyond words

I’m grateful to God for this beautiful island and for the animals and people who live here.

I’m grateful that my eye is all better.

I’m grateful that we are able to spoil Tara (and Emily) on her 16th birthday this weekend. They both swam with dolphins and a whalphin (a hybrid mammal, whale + dolphin) and enjoyed Sea Life Park.

I’m über grateful to Mark Schnitzer. He is such an amazing and generous and fun daddy and husband. He shows us how to live the fun life and explore new things.

As I share my gratitude, I also hope you will share yours.



My youngest turns 16

Our daughter turns 16 on the 16th, her Golden Birthday, and I have so much emotion around it. I’m very happy to celebrate her yet wondering how this time has zoomed by.

We began her celebration with apple pie in her hui (homeroom) on Friday. Then Saturday night she and her school friends entered a white stretch limo to the Kewalos dock where they boarded the Kahala Kai catamaran. We went out into the ocean, parallel to Waikiki, and saw the fiery sunset AND two whales breach! What an amazing sights!

Dinner followed the sunset boat ride. Everyone came up to our apt for pizza and cake. Then as the candy and sweets engulfed everyone, the girls put on the movies and giggled into the wee hours of the morning.

The continental breakfast AND Mark’s famous Spam and egg were served. Another movie, more sweets and more fun.

I think Tara will remember this day forever… She is quite the hostess!

I am filled with love, pride and gratitude. Her friends are delightful and the moms who shared the evening with us are wonderful.

Our baby is undoubtedly growing up well. She’s charming, fun and sweet. Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!


I have vog-eye.

Not writing too much today….I have vog-eye. That’s a condition where the vog (volcanic smoke, ash & debris + winds from the Big Island) come over here. The vog was here last week and now my eye hurts.

When I finally told Mark about it, he said he’d heard of this on the news and others feel the same effect.

Well, I’m not alone.  I am uncomfortable, so I’ll log off now. I will be all better soon.