My new year’s wish for you…

I am so grateful for a wonderful 2011. I had a fun year filled with many blessings.

My new year’s wish for you and me is the following:

Plentiful food on the table,

Warm, strong hugs,

Cozy mornings and nights in safety,

Friends surrounding you when you need them most,

New opportunities you welcome into your life,

Patience and abundance,

Prosperity in mind, body and spirit,

Love, love, love,

and many more years of blessings, giggles, miracles and magic.




So many movies, so little time.

Over this Winter Break I have seen a movie every night, some nights two movies. I have relaxed, slept in, caught up on magazines and read several books. My daughters (still) enjoy my company so we’ve gone shopping, out to lunches, got our nails done and taken long walks. We have enjoyed spending time with other families and our dear friends.

This is one great stay-cation. The Red Box has a few more movies to see before school starts…

How are you doing over these holidays?



P.S. I wish a very happy birthday to Harrison!


*sigh* My wake-up thought

There are parties, gifts and food.

There’s great conversations, music and ambiance.

There are sales, returns and exchanges.

There’s love, joy, hope and peace.

Here’s a big hug to seal it all.



The malls are crowded…still?

I have to laugh: the malls are so crowded still! Have people not realized that there’s gift giving holidays going on? They are fundamentally around the same time every year. Why are people still buying gifts today? I was at the largest outdoor mall several times this week ~ walking around watching people and enjoying the company of my daughter~ and people are very funny.

People making choices and purchases are very fun and funny. They grab, him/haw, negotiate, purchase and don’t smile on the way out of the store. Heck, when I bought my Chanukah presents I was downright giddy!

I think people need to loosen up and enjoy the joy!

What do you think? Are you still buying gifts? Chanukah already started and Christmas is in two days.


Latkes, candles, gifts and giggles


We celebrated the first night with homemade latkes(potato pancakes), matzo ball soup, gifts and lots of giggles. It’s a wonderful time of the year to give thanks, share joy and remember our past.

Here is some more information and history:

Official name Hebrewחֲנֻכָּה or חנוכה
English translation: “Establishing” or “Dedication” (of the Temple in Jerusalem)
Also called Festival of Lights, Festival of Dedication
Observed by Jews
Type Jewish festival
Significance The Maccabees successfully rebelled against Antiochus IV Epiphanes. According to theTalmud, a late text, the Temple was purified and the wicks of the menorah miraculously burned for eight days, even though there was only enough sacred oil for one day’s lighting.
Begins 25 Kislev
Ends Tevet or 3 Tevet
2011 date Sunset, December 20 to sunset, December 28
2012 date Sunset, December 8 to sunset, December 16
Celebrations Lighting candles each night. Singing special songs, such asMa’oz Tzur. Reciting Hallelprayer. Eating foods fried in oil, such as latkes and sufganiyot, and dairy foods. Playing thedreidel game, and givingHanukkah gelt

From my home to yours, Happy Chanukah and may there be peace in our world.




Now it looks like Christmas

This is my observation: many people have waited until this weekend to shop for gifts. I even saw a few people carrying Christmas trees today! The lines are long; the parking lots are full; and the holiday jollies are waning.

I put this out there: have a great holiday season. Enjoy shopping for gifts, eat all the goodies, go to the parties and celebrate the end of another fabulous year.

Look, you can complain, whine, moan OR enjoy, laugh, make friends in lines and take in all the joys of the season. Which one empowers you?

I’ll take the latter!! I love joy, friends, laughing and FuN! Have a splendid day.


How is an apartment like a dorm?

I’ll tell you: you see your neighbors in the hallways, elevators, common areas and parking lots. You “borrow” sugar, butter, can openers and cooking tips. You chat for an hour when you cross paths. You share the hot tub and meet new people every week. And sometimes, you even see someone in their undies!

In college, I loved my dorm and my roommate! And then I loved my apartment and my roommate. My favorite things were the camaraderie and sharing!

My favorite part of living in an apartment now is that there are always friends around.  My challenge to you: Enjoy a chat w/ your neighbor. Meet someone new. Make it loads of fun.

How are you doing with that?



Stand on my head?

That’s how I completed my Power Yoga class yesterday….I stood on my head! Twice! I tried a new excercise class, to jolt my muscles, and the moves were similar and familiar. The only big difference today was that we stood on our heads for several seconds. I was giddy when I came down.

Here’s the take-home lesson: let go of attachments and pre-conceived ideas (Oy, I can’t do that!) and just do it! I’m so happy I did.

What did you do today? Did you stand on your head too?