Bold and brilliant words to live by. Werner Erhard

We can choose to be audacious enough to take responsibility for the entire human family. We can choose to make our love for the world what our lives are really about. Each of us has the opportunity, the privilege, to make a difference in creating a world that works for all of us. It will require courage, audacity and heart. It is much more radical than a revolution – it is the beginning of a transformation in the quality of life on our planet . .If not you,who?
 If not now, when?
 If not here, where?”                                        – Werner Erhard, 1980



Home from the holidays

We had a spectacular weekend in Dallas seeing family and friends. We ate great food, saw the workings of a major trucking company, expressed our thanks and gratitude and captured the family in a portrait. What a blessing to all be together!

We are all on our way home…to pick up where we left off last week. School, work, chores, errands etc. we are all better for having had this time together.

Happy to be home and thankful for all my blessings.

What are you thankful for?


New friends are such a gift!

Over the weekend, we made some new friends. This is one of our favorite things to do. We nurtured a new friendship with a young lady from our kids’ school and her mother. She spent the afternoon with us: we played on the computer, we baked cookies, we had a pizza dinner and then she went home.

We also went to a pot-luck party and met some great people from all over the world (Hawaii, France, Arizona and California) who all live here. We ate lots of fun and delicious foods, spoke some other languages, including Latin, laughed a lot and told stories that were endearing and joyful.

What a gift to meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the extraordinary gifts of each other.

Are you making new friends too?



Is it dark and rainy?

It’s November 21st and it’s dark at six o’clock in the evening here in Honolulu. It’s also a bit more rainy than usual. The fall is here and we’re preparing for winter.

The stores have holiday music, decor and gift sets. The streets are busy and filled. The trees are greener and happier with all the rain.

It’s beginning to look a lot like holiday time! We even baked cookies this weekend!

We are spending Thanksgiving w/ our families in Dallas, TX. What are you doing?

Have a wonderful Monday! Stay bright and dry!



No. By Seth Godin

I’m sharing this blog because I agree and he said it best:


No, we don’t take clients like that.

No, that’s not part of what we offer.

No, that market is too hard for us to service properly.

No, I won’t bend on this principle.

No, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to have lunch with you.

No, that’s not good enough. Will you please do it again?

No, I’m not willing to lose my focus, and no, I’m not willing to compromise.




Open up!

Open the door….open your eyes….open your mouth…open your heart. When you hear “open up” what do you think of?

I learned this weekend to open up for great things to happen. To be a clearing for great things to occur. To open up and the greatness of you will come shining through.

So, here’s what I know:

Open up and be great. Open your mouth and tell people who you love that you love them. Open your heart to what you are for the world and how remarkable you are and all you offer the world.

Now, go make a difference!



Are you sharing yourself???

I’m sitting in a room of 216 extraordinary people who are up to big things in the world…and I am one of them. I am in the Power and Contribution course, a section of the Wisdom curriculum of Landmark Education. I breathe a sigh of happy relief. I am so comfortable being me.

We are charged with making an “impossible possible” to the world.

I’m getting closer to discovering my passion, my calling in the world and my promise. Stay tuned…. Any support, encouragement, love and comments are welcome.

What is your fabulous self sharing?