L’shana tovah

That means happy new year. It is the Jewish new year…the year 5772. As we celebrate another year of blessings, I am reminded of all of mine:

My wonderful husband
Our fabulous daughters
Our tremendous family
Our kind and generous friends
Our health
Our good fortune
Our optimism and abundance
Our good nature and dispositions
And the blessings from God.

Whether you celebrate this high holy day or not, I wish many blessings to you.


You never know….

You never know who is falling love with your smile…

Who needs your attention the most today…

How your love will change the course of someone’s life…

When you create the miracle of the day.

You are important to me!!


Are you present?

What does being present mean? To me it means really being in the moment…enjoying what’s going on now. Since I returned from my first weekend of the power and contribution course, I have been keenly present. I have noticed, enjoyed and absorbed my surroundings, conversations and events.

I am in the moments when I’m folding laundry & preparing meals (I love doing things for my family); driving ( I love the trees, breezes, sounds); spending time with people ( I’m very happy with my new friends); and when I watch the sun rise ( I get up before my family so I can watch the sunrise on weekdays).

I’m present to the miracles that are my life. Knowing what I’ve learned over the past 13 months, I’m delighted and proud of myself and my family.

It tickles me to be present because I enjoy it all that much more.

How are you doing with this!?


Very important message:

Remember to always surround yourself with positive people. Look at the people you most respect and admire and follow their lead.

How are you doing with that?

Happy Friday!


Are you going big enough?

I always say, ” go big or go home.” Now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

I’m enrolled in the Landmark Education Power and Contribution course. It’s lead by the legendary Helen Gilhooly. I experienced some extraordinary people, thoughts and breakthroughs. I realize I’m in a game-changing place: I have to play a bigger game. I’m thrilled to have completed the first of five weekends.

I’m committed to it, whatever it looks like. I’m ready. Will you play along with me!?

Are you playing big enough?


Ready,set, GO!

I’m so jazzed! I completed the first of five weekends in the Power and Contribution course in San Francisco. I am ready to declare my commitments and begin a new journey.

Are you with me? Let’s go!! You are invited along.


New course starting.

I am so excited and worried.

Excited: I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow to begin my next course in the Landmark Education curriculum, Power and Contribution. Stay tuned. Once I know more about the course, I’ll share it with you.

Worried: hello, I’m a full-time mom. I pick up kids from practices, clean house, and grocery shop. I know Mark is brilliant and I hope he remembers to keep the schedule. I’m just a full-time worrier too.

I look forward to meeting my new classmates and teacher and reuniting with friends from other courses.

What new thing will you start today?


Now is the time.

When was the last time you walked with your sweetie, holding hands?

When was the last time you watched your kids’ sporting events?

Have you hugged and thanked your parents recently?

Did you show your friends you love and appreciate them?

Just a gentle reminder…

Remember, tell those you love, admire, respect and adore that you do! NOW is the time.


Patriot day prayer from me.

God bless those whom were taken from this earth ten years ago. Grant them eternal peace. Bless their families and friends who are missing them terribly. Watch over those new lives who were born after the tragedy. Keep them all safe and in your sight.

Let us never forget what happened ten years ago, yet keep us strong, grateful and resourceful so it never happens again.

God, thank you for keeping us all safe.