Staying happy!

It’s a beautiful day here: sunny sky, calm breezes, gentle waves, sail boats dancing on the water. I’m looking out the window and that’s what I see.  Inside my head and heart, I’m worried about my dad. He did well during the heart bypass surgery on Friday, but this morning he had another stroke. He had several strokes and a heart attack last year and made a miraculous and complete recovery. I’m praying that he recovers again. Today is his 76th anniversary of his birth (as he calls it.)

My prayer circle is filled with friends from all  over the world. I’m so lucky and loved. Thank you for including my dad in your prayers! My mom and brother appreciate all the love too. They are sitting w/ my dad, as are my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and nephew.

We must stay happy, optimistic and positive. I will continue to put out good vibes into the universe so good outcomes appear. For anyone in need of healing, prayer and support, I’m here for you. I am grateful you are here for me.



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  1. I wrap my arms around you and your dad. You all are in my prayers. GOD is with you all I HOPE YOU CAN BE WITH YOUR DAD> sorry my caps lock is not working .


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