The Big 5

Whoo hoo…we saw the big 5: Eagle Ray, White Tip Reef Shark, Turtles, Octopus & Frog Fish. These among the spinner dolphins, Monk Seal, Moorish Idols, Parrot fish, Arl eye hawk fish, eels and other reef fish. I made my 22nd Hawaii dive! It IS beautiful here and the reefs, ship wrecks & pipes are lovely.

We’re diving with Kaimana Divers (Gabe & Drew) and they are awesome. (  They are passionate divers, conservative and safe.

Our girls have logged 20 dives to date and they are hooked! (no real pun intended)

Of all  the beauty that is my life, I’m grateful for the lovely family and community I  have and all the wonders God has shared with us.

What’s your big 5?



Camp Denise continues….

Well, we’ve been to several beaches, seen many movies, eaten tons of great food and so it goes…Camp Denise summer session is in full swing. Our July camper Emily K. must say “so long” and our August camper Emily G.  joins us this weekend. The fun continues.

As I change the sheets, towels and gift bags I am reminded how amazing it is to love and be loved. My friends send their daughters on a six-hour plane flight over the Pacific ocean to stay with us and visit my daughters. They love us and know we love their daughters. We welcome kids into our home, lives and hearts. I truly love having extra laughing teenage girls around!

In Dallas, my dad continues to make progress: he’s walking, sitting, talking and moving to the beat of the therapists. In God, faith, family and medicine we trust.

As we bid farewell to July 2011, remember there’s fun, fun, fun yet to come!



Color me silly

As I’ve mentioned, we have lively and silly discussions at our dinner table. Well, tonight was no different. Mark told the stories about the Gro unds and the Pho to. We still laugh about old stories relating to my cooking, baking and jell-o making. Maybe someday I’ll tell you the pudding story.

One of my favorite things to do is laugh. I mean guffaw! Belly laugh. Laugh till I tear up!

What colors you silly?



Inspiration and Freedom

Mark and I  took a long walk today ~ we walked along the beach as far as we could then cut across a field to another section of beach. The waves were crashing, some people were surfing, body boarding, fishing and swimming. We saw a huge ship bringing in containers make a careful entry into the port. I am inspired by the beauty of the beach, the brilliance of the sun and the joys we share on this island. I am always inspired by Mark and his vision to bring us here.

My dad made more progress today ~ he walked 55 steps, sat in a chair and read the newspaper and said a few sentences to my mom. He is an inspiration! The plan is for him to leave the ICU and head to rehabilitation early next week.

Our girls walked to the store and the mall today ~ enjoying the sun and fresh air. The freedom they enjoy is amazing, since they never walked around in our former neighborhood. They are independent and confident as they maneuver the streets & crosswalks. They even bought their own candy for tonight’s movie! I’m super happy to take them places AND I love the freedom when they go on their own. I’m inspired by them daily.

What inspires you? What offers you freedom?



Purple, people and pleased

Today as I walked through the grocery store, I picked up purple dishwashing soap, purple tissues, purple hand soap, purple room sprays. Since I was a toddler, I’ve loved anything purple. Purple makes everything wonderful.

A couple of people I spoke with made me laugh and I want to share it with you. I called a bank to request a fee credited to us.  Rick, from fraud services, said, “I can’t tell you anything, your name is not on the account.” I replied, “I am the wife of the account holder, I send in the payments, I am on the account.”  He curtly said he wouldn’t do anything for me, to which I deemed our conversation over. I was looking for the button on my computer to terminate the call and at the same time, I murmured under my breath, into my headset, “you’re a creep.” He replied, “you’re a creep too.” and disconnected the call.

Another funny man I  met was the bus driver of the red, double-decker tour bus that took us on a tour of Waikiki,  Downtown, Chinatown and Ala Moana. Our daughter’s friend is here visiting us, so I wanted to show her around. The man asked our names then repeated them every sentence, mentioning on the loud speaker, “Denise, you’ll like this…” and “Happy Birthday, Emily.” When we finished our tour, he came up to talk to us. He said he used to live in Japan but now he “drives this stupid bus!” As he was screaming at us, all I could do was hold in my laugh.

I am pleased to meet people every day and to learn more about myself and my surroundings.  I am so  grateful for the joys in my life and the pleasures they offer. How are you coloring your life?



Remember the goal!

This week’s goal is making Tara’s friend’s birthday trip memorable and fun. Today, they enjoyed coffee drink,  go-cart racing,  then lunch,  swimming,  dinner and the famous “happy birthday” song.

My dad’s goal is talk, swallow, move his limbs and get out of the hospital. Today he spoke a few words, sat in a chair, then rested/slept the rest of the day.

Another goal I have is to compete in a surf competition next year. I cannot expect to do well if I don’t practice. I’ve taken a week off, due to my teeth injury, and now I’m ready (and cleared today by my dentist) to surf again. My surf teacher even texted me today to see how I’m doing.

My eye is on the ball; my goals are clear! How are you doing with this?



Staying happy!

It’s a beautiful day here: sunny sky, calm breezes, gentle waves, sail boats dancing on the water. I’m looking out the window and that’s what I see.  Inside my head and heart, I’m worried about my dad. He did well during the heart bypass surgery on Friday, but this morning he had another stroke. He had several strokes and a heart attack last year and made a miraculous and complete recovery. I’m praying that he recovers again. Today is his 76th anniversary of his birth (as he calls it.)

My prayer circle is filled with friends from all  over the world. I’m so lucky and loved. Thank you for including my dad in your prayers! My mom and brother appreciate all the love too. They are sitting w/ my dad, as are my aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and nephew.

We must stay happy, optimistic and positive. I will continue to put out good vibes into the universe so good outcomes appear. For anyone in need of healing, prayer and support, I’m here for you. I am grateful you are here for me.



Supplemental thought for today…

I know, one blog per day, every other day….but please read….

My dad is undergoing quad bypass surgery, as I type, and I’m a worried daughter. Please send your loving prayers to him, his surgeons and my family who waits for him outside the operating room doors. My dear, long-time friend Steff, is sitting in for me with my brother and mother. That warms my heart. That is true friendship.

Prayers are strength. Please share your prayers with my family. Mahalo!!