Do you observe your surroundings?

I was early to my surf lesson so I spread my towel down under a tree to look around.  I observed several interesting things:

Two brides set up for photographers while their white stretch limos waited in the parking lot near the sand,

A man with piercings and tattoos skateboarding back and forth in the parking lot while talking on his cell phone,

Many surfers coming in and going out of the ocean, mostly with short boards,

And sunbathers soaking up the Honolulu sun.

I saw people reading, relaxing, swimming, boating, laughing, playing and working. Sitting there for the few minutes I realized that there is constant activity and I enjoy taking  part in it all.

What did you observe today?



Dinner dilemma or delight?

Every morning I wake up,  gulp my ice water, check email, Facebook, blog posts and then I drink coffee. I look outside, grateful for the beauty, quiet and stillness.  After all, it’s 5:00am.

Then after I take the girls to school, the worry begins: what do I make  for dinner??? I have one vegetarian, one high-protein-no-dairy, pasta, fruit-only eater, one omnivore and me. I find myself making three main items every night.  This from a woman who rarely cooked! The dinner dilemma!

Well, tonight, I went online to the Food Network and looked up Melissa D’Arabian, who we saw win the crown of The Next Food Network Star of 2009, and pleaded to her for a recipe for dinner. Eureka! I found one. ( With only a few tweaks, substitutions and deletions, I  made fancy meatballs and rice. Everyone, except our resident vegetarian, was delighted. She got veggie burgers.

Good news, bad news: good news: dinner tonight was great. Bad news: I have to come up with something new tomorrow. My friend KP would be so proud of me.

Any ideas are oh so welcome!!!



Day after Mother’s Day….

Good Monday morning!

I hope all my mom friends had an exceptional day yesterday. I really did. I can’t remember a more relaxing, delicious day. My kids made me pineapple pancakes, cut fresh papaya and served it bed side with piping hot coffee. Then they gave me hand-made cards, filled with poems, a flattering photo of me, signed in purple ink (my favorite color) and a Murano glass pendant.

It’s cool how our kids grow up with us….I mean they are so much greater and easier now! It’s truly been a joyous ride being a mom ~ from diapers to dances, from Gymboree to Forever 21, from elephant stories to essays.

I hold fond memories of all seventeen of my Mothers’ Days. Every year the day is better than the last. I am blessed with great kids and I’m grateful to be their mom.



P.S. I accepted the position of Secretary of the Faculty Parent Association at the school for next year.

Quad Happy

Happy #1: Today is our daughter’s 17th birthday…Happy Birthday, Emily! You are a beautiful, intelligent, talented, creative and fun young lady. Enjoy your day!!!

Happy #2: As we celebrate Mothers’ Day on Sunday, I  am the very proud mom of Emily and Tara. My girls fill me with joy and make my heart sing. I enjoy watching nature and nurture come to fruition.

Happy #3: My mom, Annette Silver, is wonderful…she brought me up to be kind, thoughtful, curious and clever. She taught me so much and continues to shower me with love. I love you, Mom!

Happy #4: My mom-in-law, Marilyn Schnitzer,  is fantastic….I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She loves me and is always there for me.  I love you, Mom!

I have so much to be happy about and grateful for. I’m happy, happy, happy, happy!

Happy Mothers’ Day to you!





New groups, new friends

In searching for new friends in my new environment, I’m happy to say I’ve met some extraordinary people at our daughters’ school. I like the parents so much that I have participated in activities on the campus, brought dinner to the cast and crew of the musical and tomorrow I’ll find out if my run for president of the Parent Faculty Association brings me a new hat to wear. I’ll let you know next week!

When I started surfing, I joined a group of “surfing moms” yet it turned out to be nursing mothers. Then I joined a group of  women who play cards and have lunch yet as sweet and generous as they were, they all had grandchildren. Yesterday I was invited to go on a walk with five ladies who have kids the same ages as my daughters and who are in the same age range as me. I think I met some new friends!

As much as I want to share, I have to find people who want to be part of my community. I can’t give if no one will take and I can’t take if there is no one to give.

How are you doing with making new friends?



Spin it 180 degrees.

On Sunday Mark and I walked to the beach with Tara. It was about three in the afternoon. We live about a block from the ocean and it’s totally an easy walk. I said, “where’s the sun?” because the clouds blocked out the sunshine. Mark replied, “why can’t you say, ‘this is so great; we can walk to the beach.'” He is so right! I looked on the wrong side of the situation.  So, spin that 180 degrees and I can say, “We’re going to the beach and it’s not too sunny!”

I went to yoga class this morning. I am accustomed to once the class starts, no one else can enter. Today, four people came in between 5 and 15 minutes AFTER class started. At first I thought, “oy, how rude to the teacher and how distracting to the other yogis.” Then I realized,  I was 5 minutes late last week and it couldn’t be prevented. So, today I spun my thoughts 180 degrees and chose to think those ladies must have had something come up to keep them from arriving on time. After all, we love every minute of the 90 minute class!

Mark likes to walk through the grocery store just looking at all the stuff.  I want to get in and get out. The other day he was meandering in the aisles and I became impatient. Then I spun 180 degrees and thought, I’m with my sweetie, we’re not in a hurry, he is very happy so I relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

How can you spin it 180 degrees and turn an unpleasant thought or situation into a positive, happy one?



My oh May!

Wow, it’s May already!

Did the April showers bring May flowers for you? My orchids are blooming and thriving! The Plumeria trees are filled with fragrant blossoms. I hope you are enjoying the start of summer. I love the smells and the excitement surrounding summer.

This is  the last month of school for my girls. I am so proud of them for coming through this year with smiles, grace, athletic achievements, new friends, stronger long-distance friendships, stronger & leaner bodies and maturity. We arrived here on the day before school started and they were sweet but, as you may imagine, less than thrilled about moving away from what they knew. Today, they are settled in to their new life and doing great.

Four more weeks and we will welcome our first summer in Hawaii. We look forward to surfing, beaching, bike riding, hiking, BBQing, reading and relaxing. We have so much to be grateful for. The sky really is the limit. What a difference a year makes. Declare your dreams and live into them!

I wish you a fabulous day!