CONGRATULATIONS to the Classes of 2011!

I have high school friends, college friends and neighbors who have kids who graduate this year.  CONGRATULATIONS to you all!

I sat in the audience at our daughters’ school graduation ceremony on Tuesday evening in awe. The seniors were dressed in hand-made, light blue and white, form-fitted long dresses with Haku leis (flowers around her head) and long Ti leis around their necks. They sang the school song, a medley of relevant songs to this milestone AND danced a traditional hula. They learned all this and studied all year, wrote essays for colleges, participated in sports, drama and community service. These girls ROCK!

Next year our eldest daughter will take her place in the graduating senior class. I can’t help but remember when she was born in Baltimore, started pre-school in Anaheim Hills, became a Bat Mitzvah, won the Heroes Award and the Girl Scout Silver Award at her first high school in La Habra and moved to Oahu as a Junior. She’s come a long way and made me very proud. I’m sure my fingers will be shaking as I tell you about her graduation next year!

I wish all the graduates a heartfelt Congrats and Best Wishes!!! To all the parents of grads: You did an outstanding job as parents. Your buttons should be busting with pride for not only your students, but for yourselves. Well done!

Strong work everyone!!! Reach for the stars!!

Please enjoy this commentary from one of my favorite mentors, Michael Josephson:



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