Are you counting down until summer?

Today and tomorrow my girls take their final exams. They have worked so hard over the past ten months. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments. They moved to a new place, learned new routines, attended a much smaller school, tried new foods, experienced new cultures and became seasoned city bus travelers.

Each has grown into a sweet, beautiful young lady. They are articulate, clever, technologically adept and charming. I love seeing who they have become and how they have assimilated into the new environment.

As we start our summer, I have all these grand plans. I’m sure they just want to sleep, read, relax and chat with friends on their computers. Instead they have lessons set up: surfing and diving; hills to hike; trails to tackle on bikes and food trucks to eat from.

If you find yourself on Oahu, please call us.  We have two more days until our summer officially starts. Are you counting down until summer?



P.S. Girls, I love you very much!

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