Dinner dilemma or delight?

Every morning I wake up,  gulp my ice water, check email, Facebook, blog posts and then I drink coffee. I look outside, grateful for the beauty, quiet and stillness.  After all, it’s 5:00am.

Then after I take the girls to school, the worry begins: what do I make  for dinner??? I have one vegetarian, one high-protein-no-dairy, pasta, fruit-only eater, one omnivore and me. I find myself making three main items every night.  This from a woman who rarely cooked! The dinner dilemma!

Well, tonight, I went online to the Food Network and looked up Melissa D’Arabian, who we saw win the crown of The Next Food Network Star of 2009, and pleaded to her for a recipe for dinner. Eureka! I found one. (http://www.foodnetwork.com/videos/north-african-meatballs/49282.html) With only a few tweaks, substitutions and deletions, I  made fancy meatballs and rice. Everyone, except our resident vegetarian, was delighted. She got veggie burgers.

Good news, bad news: good news: dinner tonight was great. Bad news: I have to come up with something new tomorrow. My friend KP would be so proud of me.

Any ideas are oh so welcome!!!



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  1. Denise, how and why did you decide to start cooking?? I struggle with that, as well. It’s harder to cook healthy until it just becomes a habit. We are eating super healthy now. Anyways, who is your vegetarian? I’m guessing Mark is your meat lover. Can u send me the recipe for these meatballs…how YOU made them? Thanks love.

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