Quad Happy

Happy #1: Today is our daughter’s 17th birthday…Happy Birthday, Emily! You are a beautiful, intelligent, talented, creative and fun young lady. Enjoy your day!!!

Happy #2: As we celebrate Mothers’ Day on Sunday, I  am the very proud mom of Emily and Tara. My girls fill me with joy and make my heart sing. I enjoy watching nature and nurture come to fruition.

Happy #3: My mom, Annette Silver, is wonderful…she brought me up to be kind, thoughtful, curious and clever. She taught me so much and continues to shower me with love. I love you, Mom!

Happy #4: My mom-in-law, Marilyn Schnitzer,  is fantastic….I’m so lucky to have her in my life. She loves me and is always there for me.  I love you, Mom!

I have so much to be happy about and grateful for. I’m happy, happy, happy, happy!

Happy Mothers’ Day to you!





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